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DELMIA Together, Connected, and Ready Part 1

Ready to help meet today’s critical supply challenges and prepare for tomorrow…
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Ready to help meet today’s critical supply challenges and prepare for tomorrow

What’s the value of making a good decision quickly? During the COVID-19 crisis the value could be nothing short of potentially saving lives.

Global and local leaders are being forced to make rapid decisions related to critical supplies and resources. Constrained supplies moving through a supply chain that was never designed for such a crisis makes it challenging to reach essential decisions quickly.

At Dassault Systèmes, we have been solving these types of complex puzzles for many years and think we can help make a difference during these unprecedented times. The challenge of setting KPIs, modeling demand and priorities, representing supply constraints and then developing an optimal plan in near real-time has been the backbone of our DELMIA Quintiq solution capability.

Today’s challenges are a mirror image of traditional supply chain problems set in unique contexts. For example:

Medical supplies (such as N95 respirators, ventilators, test kits, etc.) are both manufactured and required at changing locations. Which locations have priority? When will the supplies be needed and what will demand look like now vs. 1-2 weeks from now?

DELMIA Quintiq has been used extensively to solve similar challenges and we have developed a methodology in a way that can help make a difference today by offering the ability to:

  • Optimize the fulfillment of critical medical supplies against priorities
  • Support decisions related to allocation of critical supplies
  • Provide visibility to immediate and short-term demand
  • Reduce lead times related to distribution of supplies

DELMIA Quintiq can provide all of the above in a collaborative environment that enables multiple stakeholders to set KPIs, evaluate the impact of multiple potential scenarios before making an informed decision and taking action.

How Will We Do It?

Agility is a core principle of what our solutions provide and so our methodology is both rapid and pragmatic. By using a packaged and hosted solution, we can start providing value within 30 days.

This rapid implementation will enable stakeholders in key roles to be able to make better decisions and have a tangible impact on the effective allocation and distribution of the critical supplies.

We stand ready to help make a difference today. By working together, we can have an impact on meeting the challenges of today’s crisis and help prepare for the future.

Learn more by downloading the brochure “Take Control of Your Operations.” You can also reach out to us at:

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