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DELMIA Communities Week in Review for August 16

Hello and Welcome to the Week in Review! This is the weekly blog post…
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Hello and Welcome to the Week in Review! This is the weekly blog post for a one-look overview of what happened in the DELMIA Communities this past week. But there is a lot more than what is below. Visit the communities to see the exchange of information and ideas between members and DELMIA experts.

With eight active communities, you are sure to find at least one to suit your DELMIA interests. Connect with us to exchange and share on the DELMIA Communities.

See you there!

Collaborative Lean Operations

Podcast: 3D Lean/How it WorksIn today’s work environment, many teams work separately in their own silo, often leaving a strain throughout departments. DELMIA’s podcast addresses the issues of being disconnected, having no structure, complexity and many others, to name a few. DELMIA’s own Adrian Wood delivers solutions to these challenges as he focuses on the 3 key areas: Engage, Reveal, and Improve. Listen and you’ll learn how to guide team engagement and improve performance with 3D Lean!

Listen to the episode in the Community.

Planning & Optimization Community

DELMIA Quintiq Continuous IntegrationSoftware development requires a streamlined process of design, implementation and testing of the solution. One of the most important goals of this process is to ensure the quality of the solution. Ensuring the quality can however be a challenge when you are working with a large development team and are constantly extending a solution.

Read more in the Community.

Manufacturing Operations Management

DELMIA’s New Podcast: “Global Operations on the Go”

DELMIA’s “Global Operations on the Go” podcast brings you first-hand accounts and insight from our experts and thought-leaders from all around the world. Hear their stories and uplifting examples of what they have achieved, how to overcome challenges, and gain valuable insight on the latest news.

Listen in the Community.

Thank you for reading and we’ll see you next week! In the meantime, don’t forget to stay up to date with the DELMIA Communities.

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