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Building Lean Teams in Industrial Equipment

Innovation is at the forefront of the Industrial Equipment industry, with electrification,…
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Innovation is at the forefront of the Industrial Equipment industry, with electrification, autonomy, expanded functionality and new forms, footprint and features driving change. Naturally, this comes with its own set of unique challenges, which have forced Industrial Equipment companies to adapt in a very short time.

Addressing these innovations while managing industry growth and capturing market share requires getting new products to market as fast as possible with high quality and low cost. Additionally, recent global supply chain disruptions have made it difficult to predict supply and demand, making sustainable operations even more difficult. All this directly impacts your company’s most valuable resource—its teams.

When it comes to the Industrial Equipment industry, your teams need to operate nearly seamlessly in order to achieve efficient, cost-effective operations that can deliver on market demands. However, with such complex operations and a multitude of requirements and constraints, Industrial Equipment teams may be prone to making errors. Miscommunication and missed key objectives can easily occur without a solid and efficient team engagement system, which also negatively impacts their productivity. This makes it harder for them to help you meet these growing trends:

  • Increasing innovation demands: Pressure to manage a growing number of new, innovative products and product variants with short lead times and strict quality standards, which require improvements, modification or adoption of new manufacturing processes.
  • Manufacture with agility and quality: Pressure to manufacture new products right first time to protect the brand and secure market share. Product variation must also be managed efficiently in terms of production, quality and material supply for which operational teams are the frontline.
  • Manage growth while maintaining market share: Managing the innovation growth curve happening in several Industrial Equipment segments will demand flexibility, agility, visibility and collaboration across the value network, including internal and external teams.

To ensure your company remains competitive despite the rapid pace of innovation and growth, your teams need to be especially focused across the entire product lifecycle, and the internal and external supply chains. For Industrial Equipment companies, this means raising the efficiency, visibility and agility of all teams from strategic ideation down to tactical execution, no matter their role in the value network. To achieve this, organizations must create an environment and conditions that encourage workers to commit to shared objectives.

This can be enabled leveraging a collaborative digital solution that allows you to optimize team operations by encouraging impactful, efficient interactions between all workers and stakeholders in the enterprise.

Manufacturing Lean Industrial Equipment Teams

Enter DELMIA 3DLean, a modern and customizable solution designed for operational and manufacturing teams anywhere—be it in engineering, on the shopfloor or in the warehouse, and regardless of organizational barriers or physical locations. As its name implies, 3DLean operates on the foundation of “Lean” or Kaizen, putting Lean principles into action to address operational waste, variability and efficiency by engaging teams to interact in natural and effective ways. It provides an interactive environment accessible to everyone on the cloud, bringing people together in a structure that guides discovery, analysis and collaboration to nurture better team relationships and improve performance.

3DLean delivers a common, clear and up-to-date view of operations, digitally connecting all users in the organization so everyone from teams to stakeholders can have visibility into, control over and synchronization across the enterprise. On top of that, teams can explore new ways to solve problems and improve operational issues with the ability to visualize rich 3D content and data. With 3DLean, Industrial Equipment teams will be able to:

  • Digitalize and easily deploy Lean practices
  • Animate and collaborate digitally in operational meetings
  • Access and contribute to the Lean board between meetings, ensuring the whole team remains informed, involved and updated
  • Innovatively solve problems leveraging visualized data and evidence
  • Capture and retain institutional knowledge, intellectual property and know-how

To learn more about the value of 3DLean for your Industrial Equipment organization as well as its real-life benefits from the perspective of one of our customers, download our eBook.

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