May 24, 2019

Winner of the CATIA Design Hackathon 2019 in Shanghai

Dear Community, here I want to share with you the winning Design…
Avatar Yves Barbier

Dear Community, here I want to share with you the winning Design concept of the Shanghai Hackathon.

The model was created with CATIA R2019X on the cloud during 2 days of intensive sketching, concept design, modeling and visualization.

The CATIA Application which were used during those 2 Days are: Human Design, Natural Sketch, Imagine&Shape, Generative Shape Design, XGenerative Shape Design, Live Rendering and Product Perception Experience.

The task for the Hackathon was to create a concept for the Mobility of the Future. Our idea was to have a vehicle that communicates and connects with the other vehicles on the same path to sort of a swam in order to save energy.

In the Video of this post you can see the Design presentation of our concept with Product Perception Experience directly out of the 3DExperience platform.

It was an amazing event which generated a lot of fun and great results.

Thanks to Jieyu CHEN for the great organisation!

Watch it on the CATIA User Community

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