January 15, 2020

[WEBINAR Replay] Cognitive Augmented Design for Lightweight Engineering on January 15

On January 15, at 8:30 AM UTC and 4:00 PM UTC, the…
Avatar Daniel Pyzak

On January 15, at 8:30 AM UTC and 4:00 PM UTC, the 26th webinar of our CATIA TV program was broadcasted here.

Are you interested in designing lightweight products at the speed of light? Listen to @Daniel PYZAK here and discover how to use simulation during your design in the continuous journey for lightweight optimized design! Feel free to comment and ask our questions here. Daniel and other experts  will answer you.


  • CATIA Positioning on Cognitive Augmented Design
  • Function-Driven Generative Design approach
  • A new design workflow
  • Assembly design

Daniel will present the key elements to understand the revolution initiated by the Cognitive Augmented Design.

Watch on the CATIA User Community

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