Virtual ExperienceApril 10, 2019

The AEC Industry and 3DEXPERIENCE – A success story

I am excited to share with the community the results of hard…
Avatar Yves Barbier

I am excited to share with the community the results of hard work done from our colleagues from our SNC-Lavalin Infrastructure Major Projects, BLM Digital Solutions Task force.  From super-elevated guideways through bridge & structure design, track alignment and even systems engineering, this video clearly shows not only the raw power but the endless possibilities of using 3DX on major projects design.  Here’s what our colleagues have to say:

“Do you still believe that 3DExperience Catia V6 cannot handle BIM Projects in Infrastructure Construction? This video demonstrates some of the developments we made for our Rail & Transit projects using 3DExperience and CATIA V6 Civil Engineering application.  And it’s just the beginning…”

With all the on-going developments that they are working on and in collaboration with Dassault Systems, I guess we can stay tuned for bigger and better things to come out of it.

A big round of applause to the BLM Digital Solutions Manager and CATIA Champion @Vince Gattola and his 3D Content Specialists @Christophe Segarra and Olivier Galifet for being able to bring this all together and make it work!

Watch it on the CATIA User Community

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