Design & SimulationJune 13, 2024

Scilab is now officially approved as an “Open-Source Tool” by the French government!

Avatar Yves Barbier

We are delighted to announce that Scilab, the powerful Open Source numerical computing software, has been officially recognized and approved by the French government.

This recognition highlights Scilab’s robustness, reliability and significant contributions to the fields of engineering and scientific computing. This is a very important milestone for the Open Source, academic and scientific communities.

As a reminder, Scilab joined Dassault Systèmes in June 2022!

This free and open source numerical computing software for engineers and scientists is used by industries and universities. It provides data pre/post-processing capabilities for CATIA and SIMULIA simulation solutions on the #3DEXPERIENCE platform. We invite you to visit the official Scilab page

What makes Scilab different?

Scilab is not just software, it is a complete and versatile platform designed to meet the rigorous requirements of numerical analysis and computational science. Here’s what sets it apart:

• Rich features:

Scilab offers over 1,700 mathematical functions that support a wide range of applications, including signal processing, statistical analysis, numerical optimization, and modeling and simulation of dynamic systems. This extensive functionality makes it a must-have tool for engineers and scientists.

• Programming language:

Scilab includes a numerically oriented programming language that allows users to easily perform complex calculations. The integrated development environment improves productivity by providing a user-friendly interface and a powerful debugging tool.

• Visualization capabilities:

Scilab supports 2D and 3D visualization, allowing users to create detailed graphs and simulations that provide valuable insights into their data. This functionality is essential for interpreting results and making informed decisions based on computational analysis.

The Scilab community is vibrant and constantly growing. As an open source project, Scilab relies on contributions and collaborations from users around the world. This community approach ensures continuous improvement and innovation. Users can join the Scilab community to share their projects, learn from others, and contribute to the development of new features and toolkits. The community is a rich resource for troubleshooting, networking, and professional development.

Looking Ahead

The official recognition of Scilab by the French government is a testament to its capabilities and reliability. This recognition will likely boost the adoption and development of Scilab, reinforcing its position as a leading tool in the field of numerical computing. As we move forward, the commitment to open source principles, combined with the continued engagement and support of the community, will ensure that Scilab remains at the forefront of innovation in computer science.

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