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Emotional Alchemy: How ‘Strange Loops’ Merges Art, Technology, and Emotion

The “Strange Loops” project by Ninon Lizé Masclef mentioned in the “French 100 top inventions”
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An exploration into the convergence of art and technology is presented through the lens of Ninon Lizé Masclef, a machine learning engineer and artist in residence at the 3DEXPERIENCE Lab. A novel project, ‘Strange Loops’, which is a brain-computer interface, is introduced, displaying the emotional states of its wearer with optic fibers, colorful light, and animations.

Meet Ninon Lizé Masclef

An innovative fusion of art and science is currently being undertaken by Ninon Lizé Masclef, who holds the unique position of a machine learning engineer and artist in residence at the 3DEXPERIENCE Lab. The creative endeavors of Ninon Lizé Masclef are characterized by an artistic approach that seeks to amalgamate the realms of art and science.

This is achieved through the exploration of various new media and the utilization of cutting-edge technologies, including deep learning, brain-computer interfaces, and augmented reality. One of the groundbreaking projects presented by Ninon Lizé Masclef is a brain-computer interface known as ‘Strange Loops’, which is crafted to visually represent the emotional states of the wearer through optic fibers, colorful lights, and animations.

Illuminating Emotions: The Intersection of Art and Technology in ‘Strange Loops’ Project

An innovative brain-computer interface, known as ‘Strange Loops’, is discussed, revealing its ability to display the emotional states of its wearer through the use of optic fibers, colorful light, and animation. Embedded with a brain sensor, ‘Strange Loops’ captures brain activities and employs a machine learning algorithm to classify the wearer’s emotional state.

The development of this project represents a blend of art and science, engaging new media and cutting-edge technologies including deep learning and augmented reality. The challenges faced in the creation of ‘Strange Loops’ were significant, given the artist’s initial unfamiliarity with manufacturing processes. Before this endeavor, the artist had no experience with 3D printing, necessitating a steep learning curve to master the required skills.

Mentored by experts from the lab and collaborating with the R&D team for generative design, the artist was able to overcome these challenges. The complexity and finesse of Strange Loops’s design, particularly its thinness, posed a challenge even for the R&D team. To bring the intricate design to fruition, selective laser sintering, an industrial technology, was utilized for its 3D printing capabilities.

Embracing Innovation and Collaboration in Creative Endeavors

At the conclusion of a thought-provoking interview, gratitude is expressed to Ninon for sharing valuable insights into her innovative project. The project, which integrates art and science, exemplifies the progressive spirit in the realm of creative fields. It is emphasized that the project not only showcases an artistic expression but also involves sophisticated technology such as a brain-computer interface that interprets and visualizes emotional states through optic fibers and dynamic light displays.

This unique blend of technology and artistry underlines the collaborative efforts that are often required to bring such complex endeavors to life. The collaborative spirit is further acknowledged through the mention of mentorship and teamwork, particularly with research and development teams that assist in overcoming manufacturing challenges. The utilization of advanced manufacturing techniques like selective laser sintering underscores the importance of embracing cutting-edge technologies to realize intricate and delicate designs.


In conclusion, the project ‘Strange Loops’ is a testament to the innovative possibilities that arise at the intersection of art and technology. A brain-computer interface is developed that visually communicates the wearer’s emotional states through a display of optic fibers and animated light. Challenges are faced and overcome with no prior experience in manufacturing processes, particularly in 3D printing, necessitating a steep learning curve and the assistance of mentors and an R&D team.

The “Strange Loops” project by Ninon Lizé Masclef mentioned in the “French 100 top inventions”

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