Design & SimulationAugust 17, 2021

[CATIA Design Talk REPLAY] Architecture in the Digital Age

In this brand new talk, we are moving to the field of…
Avatar Yves Barbier

In this brand new talk, we are moving to the field of architecture to explore how digitization influences architecture.

My guests this time are @Hector Camps, CEO and founder of PHI Cubed. A huge contributor in the field of BIM modeling, digital architecture and one of our great CATIA Champions, and @Shadi KHAIR, a CATIA Design Industry Process Expert and an architect with a major in parametric designing.

These days, we see more and more complex shapes in the field of architecture thanks to parametric designing and the use of algorithms. We will take a look at the evolution of parametric architecture and see what impact the usage of digital tools has on it with some examples from Hector and Shadi. In the end, we will have an outlook on parametric architecture and its impact in the future.

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