Design & SimulationJuly 17, 2021

ASO Learning Lab Activity Report July 15th

ASO Learning Lab student work will be shared. We created this project…
Avatar Yves Barbier

ASO Learning Lab student work will be shared.

We created this project on the theme of EV cars that can be shared as dedicated delivery vehicles. Currently, due to the coronavirus, the number of users of car-sharing services has decreased significantly. In addition to self-restraint, the fact that consumers are avoiding sharing things with others for fear of infection is another problem in the decline of car sharing users. On the other hand, more and more people are using courier services due to the coronavirus. Due to the coronavirus, more and more people are using home delivery services and food delivery services to avoid contact with people. At the same time, a problem has been pointed out. That is the news of collisions between delivery service workers using bicycles and motorcycles. It is about a delivery person who was delivering a package by bicycle or motorcycle, and when he dodged a bicycle on the street, he hit the bicycle or lost his balance. So we decided to build a car that would fit the current cityscape. We decided to build EV sharing cars around Hakata Station that couriers could easily use. Our theme was to create a car with a small footprint that would reduce the risk of losing balance and falling over, and improve the efficiency of deliveries. In this issue, we would like to introduce the remodeled vehicle.

Considering the fact that this is a delivery vehicle, we are considering the possibility of switching from drive to parking by lifting up the steering wheel, as a way to quickly run and stop the vehicle.(fig3)

In the future, we plan to integrate it with the streetscape around Hakata Station and simulate it using VR.

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