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3DEXPERIENCE Release R2023x is now deployed.​​​​​​​

3DEXPERIENCE Collaborative Innovation

Enhanced Roles







Enhanced Roles:

[CATIA] 3D Pattern Shape Creator

[CATIA] 3D Tolerancing & Annotation Designer

[CATIA] Creative Designer[CATIA] Electrical Schematic Designer

[CATIA] Mechanical Designer[CATIA] Mold & Tooling Designer

[CATIA] Visual Experience Designer


New roles:

[CATIA] 3D Technical Illustrator

[CATIA] Accommodation Designer

[CATIA] Collaborative Designer for STIMULUS

[CATIA] Company Apps Execution Token Pack (Small)

[CATIA] Concept Structure Engineer

[CATIA] Design Automation Engineer

[CATIA] Electrical Manufacturing Engineer

[CATIA] Motion Designer[CATIA] Multidiscipline Schematic Designer

[CATIA] Steel Structures Designer

[CATIA] Stiffened Structure Engineer

[CATIA] Visual Script Designer

Enhanced roles:

[CATIA] 3D Innovator

[CATIA] 3D Pattern Shape Creator

[CATIA] 3D Shape Designer

[CATIA] 3D Tolerancing & Annotation Designer

[CATIA] Accommodation Designer for Marine and Offshore

[CATIA] Airframe Composites Designer

[CATIA] Airframe Composites Manufacturing Engineer

[CATIA] Appearance & Rendering Designer

[CATIA] Boat Interior Designer

[CATIA] Boat Modeler

[CATIA] Cabin Appearance Designer for Aerospace & Defense

[CATIA] Cabin Designer for Aerospace & Defense

[CATIA] Civil Designer

[CATIA] Civil Engineer

[CATIA] Collaborative Designer for CATIA Magic

[CATIA] Color & Trim Designer for Transportation & Mobility

[CATIA] Composite Structures Engineer for Marine and Offshore

[CATIA] Composites Designer for Industrial Equipment

[CATIA] Composites Designer for Marine and Offshore

[CATIA] Composites Engineer for Transportation & Mobility

[CATIA] Composites Manufacturing Engineer for Industrial Equipment

[CATIA] Composites Manufacturing Engineer for Marine and Offshore

[CATIA] Composites Manufacturing Engineer for Transportation & Mobility

[CATIA] Computational Designer for Construction

[CATIA] Concept Human Factors Specialist for Aerospace & Defense

[CATIA] Concept Human-centered Designer for Aerospace & Defense

[CATIA] Consumer Products Composites Designer

[CATIA] Consumer Products Composites Manufacturing Engineer

[CATIA] Creative Designer

[CATIA] Electrical Schematic Designer

[CATIA] Frame Structure Designer

[CATIA] Heavy Machinery Digital Modeler

[CATIA] Human Experience Designer

[CATIA] Human Experience Specialist

[CATIA] Industrial Designer

[CATIA] Industrial Designer for High-Tech

[CATIA] Initial 3D Arrangement Specialist

[CATIA] Lattice Designer

[CATIA] Layered Product Designer

[CATIA] Mechanical & Shape Designer

[CATIA] Mechanical & Shape Engineer

[CATIA] Mechanical Designer

[CATIA] Mechanical Engineer

[CATIA] Mechanical Motion Designer

[CATIA] Mold & Compensation Engineer

[CATIA] Mold & Tooling Designer

[CATIA] Packaging Designer

[CATIA] Painting Designer for Aerospace & Defense

[CATIA] Perceived Quality Engineer

[CATIA] Plant Layout Engineer

[CATIA] Plant Mechanical Designer

[CATIA] Powertrain & Chassis Engineer

[CATIA] Product Creative Designer

[CATIA] Product Design Presenter

[CATIA] Product Designer

[CATIA] Product Enclosure Engineer for High-Tech

[CATIA] Product Mechanical Designer for Home & Lifestyle

[CATIA] Reverse Engineer

[CATIA] SheetMetal Designer

[CATIA] Stamping Die Engineer

[CATIA] Steel & Equipment Layout Designer

[CATIA] Structural Electronics Engineer for High-Tech

[CATIA] Structural Generative Designer

[CATIA] Structure Designer for Marine and Offshore

[CATIA] Systems Simulation Designer

[CATIA] Systems Traceability Analyst

[CATIA] Systems Traceability Engineer

[CATIA] Tire Designer

[CATIA] Transportation Designer

[CATIA] Vehicle Creative Designer

[CATIA] Virtual & Real Reconstruction Designer

[CATIA] Visual Experience Designer

Do not hesitate to go on each role to discuss with CATIA users and experts

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