ScienceJune 25, 2024

AI Voice Control in the Lab

BIOVIA and ASCENSCIA partner to provide voice-assisted laboratory experiences.
Avatar Stephen Hayward

BIOVIA is proud to announce a new partnership with ASCENSCIA, a leading provider of AI voice assistant software for the laboratory. This collaboration combines BIOVIA’s unified laboratory solution for drug discovery and development (ONE Lab and the Workbook and Notebook ELNs) with ASCENSCIA’s AI voice technology application.

The integration of ASCENSCIA’s AI voice technology with BIOVIA’s laboratory informatics solutions will enhance the efficiency of study execution and improve reproducibility. Combined, these technologies streamline experimental workflows and data collection, enabling hands-free operations.

BIOVIA ELNs and Lab Execution System as datasets for a single source of truth

As new informatics tools become available, it is essential to prevent data silos from emerging and build FAIR data platforms in which decision-making can be democratized. Digitalizing laboratory environments is critical to accomplishing these efficiency and sustainability goals while meeting regulatory compliance standards.

BIOVIA ONE Lab, Workbook, and Notebook provide scientists with the necessary experiences to design, plan, and execute experimental workflows. As data is generated in the lab, it is collected and stored in these platforms to be later used as a source of knowledge. This inherently shifts these solutions into tools for collaboration, reproducibility, and intellectual property protection.

However, recording or capturing data often still requires a certain level of manual input and needs to be transferred between various software systems, causing inefficiencies and challenges for scientists working in the lab.

ASCENSCIA empowers the capture of datasets and knowledge

By integrating hands-free voice technology into ELNs, LIMS execution systems, ASCENSCIA helps scientists save time and effort while minimizing errors.  Through simple hands-free voice commands, ASCENSCIA software allows users to record and transcribe voice notes linked to specific experiment steps, navigate through protocols, take photos, set timers, and can help find samples from inventory libraries.  Scientists can review and edit their recorded notes before syncing them with BIOVIA’s solutions, ensuring real-time recording of experimental changes and observations to provide a consistent, single source of truth.

This powerful combination enables gloved and gowned scientists working in fume hoods, BSL-2 labs, or manufacturing cleanrooms to safely navigate through workflows without risking contamination. Additionally, ASCENSCIA’s advanced LLMs and NLPs, specifically trained to understand scientific terminology, provide accurate recording of notes and ensures capturing any procedural changes or unexpected results. 

ASCENSCIA features

Together, BIOVIA and ASCENSCIA are creating the next generation of digital lab solutions so scientists can reliably curate datasets to deliver life-saving medicines to patients on an accelerated timeline.


BIOVIA is a Dassault Systèmes brand and leader in lab informatics solutions for life science and materials science organizations. BIOVIA provides a scientific collaborative environment for advanced biological, chemical and materials experiences. BIOVIA solutions transform scientific innovation to help organizations discover and develop new materials and products to improve the way we live. 

The BIOVIA portfolio leads the industry by integrating the diversity of science, experimental processes, and information requirements end-to-end across research, development, QA/QC, and manufacturing.


ASCENSCIA is an AI-powered voice assistant specialized for scientific labs. The innovative Dutch company aims to transform the way scientific labs produce and use their data. The seamless and flexible integration of ASCENSCIA’s voice technology with various lab data systems provides a new dimension of data production and integration.

The ASCENSCIA team is on a mission to accelerate scientific innovation and reduce costs by introducing latest technologies to field and implementing them in creative ways.

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