January 6, 2021

Transmission of COVID-19

Monitor and reduce the transmission of COVID-19     Our elders at…

Monitor and reduce the transmission of COVID-19

Our elders at home – typically our grandmothers and grandfathers – took great pains to dust, wipe and clean surfaces. They folded their clothes impeccably, maintaining high standards that they also tried to pass on to their grandchildren. Not surprisingly, we weren’t too thrilled. We openly rebelled. In this time of pandemic, we remember our elders and their habits, not only in our dreams but in real life too.

The pandemic teaches us things. As I wear my mask for a rare visit to the grocery store, shed my shoes at the door upon my return and wash my hands with a foaming hand soap, I wonder if I should take a shower instead. I also reconsider my youthful opinion of my grandparents.

Online COVID-19 Discussions

Earlier in the pandemic, in March 2020, Emojipedia conducted a survey called “Spread of the Coronavirus Emoji.” The study assessed a set of 12 health-related emojis to find out how they commonly correlated with discussions about the Coronavirus.

The 12 emojis used in the survey were:

😷 Face with Medical Mask

🤢 Nauseated Face

🤮 Face Vomiting

🤧 Sneezing Face

🤒 Face with Thermometer

🤕 Face with Head Bandage

🚑 Ambulance

💊 Pill

💉 Syringe

🦠 Microbe

🧼 Soap

🧽 Sponge

Emojipedia surveyed 49,621 unique tweets that contained at least one of the 12 selected emojis.

Of the assessed tweets, face with medical mask 😷 and microbe 🦠 showed the higher percentage match, indicating that these emojis were most focused on Coronavirus or COVID discussions, as shown in the figure below.

, is the right application to help organizations monitor adherence to guidelines set by the WHO or health departments across the world.

Using image analytics and machine learning applications developed with Pipeline Pilot, businesses can utilize real-world, real-time metrics on social distancing of employees and customers in their facilities. Armed with this data, they can make better-informed decisions on how to re-engineer spaces and processes to allow a safer return to the work environment.

The Pipeline Pilot solution offers the following features:

  1. Digital self-assessment forms to ensure that the organization is tracking and treating sick employees appropriately.
  2. Dassault Systèmes Chest X-Ray CXR-COVID X-Ray Screening leverages machine learning and deep learning strategies to detect abnormalities and extract key features of the altered lung parenchyma. These features may relate to specific signatures of the SARS-CoV-2 virus with an accuracy of > 90%.
  3. Image segmentation to monitor hand washing for a minimum duration of 20 seconds with a blue light display.
  4. Built-in biometric recognition technology allowing access to touchless attendance management, Emolytics, real-time facemask, social distancing and crowd monitoring with easy-to-read, interactive dashboards of violations and complete statistics.

Take Aways

As we know, during the pandemic, we must do our best to mitigate the spread and transmission of infections and viral particles. At BIOVIA, we strongly believe that face masks, social distancing, occupancy and safety gear monitoring help reduce the total number of infections and deaths. For the optimal results, these precautions should be used routinely by the general population in daily life and at the workplaces.

Obviously, the effectiveness of these measures will increase dramatically with monitoring effectiveness. Refer to on-demand webinar.

BIOVIA Dassault Systèmes offers a sustainable solution for the life sciences, manufacturing and infrastructure construction sectors. Our number one priority is employee health and safety. The way to achieve that under the current conditions is by reducing transmission of the SARS-CoV-2. Adhere to WHO guidelines to mitigate the spread of infection and stay safe.

Learn more about reducing the transmission of COVID-19 with Pipeline Pilot

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