Life Sciences & HealthcareDecember 3, 2020

🔊 Multiscale Modeling

Listen to the first episode of BIOVIA podcast and discover: What’s the…
Felix Hanke is a Senior Scientific Software Developer in the BIOVIA brand and a fellow of the BIOVIA Science Council. He develops quantum mechanical methods in the Materials Science portfolio and works on multiscale simulation techniques, particularly on batteries.

Listen to the first episode of BIOVIA podcast and discover:

What’s the multiscale modeling? The key challenges of combining the macroscale and atomistic scale simulations. What’s the value of predictive multiscale modeling and what are the real life applications? Is it possible to apply these principles of in your own lab?

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Sean McGee discusses the benefits and challenges of multiscale approach with Dr. Felix Hanke in a podcast that would benefit anyone in the simulation and modeling community.

Dr. Felix Hanke is a BIOVIA Science Council fellow. He has more than eight years of experience developing scientific software as part of BIOVIA R&D team. Dr. Hanke specializes in the areas of materials simulation, quantum mechanics, multiscale modeling and batteries.

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