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Extending Your Laboratory’s Reach: Connecting with External Partners and Clients

Discover how BIOVIA ONE Lab revolutionizes laboratory operations, offering a comprehensive, secure, and collaborative platform to seamlessly integrate and optimize workflows with external partners and clients for enhanced efficiency and innovation.

Fostering Collaboration and Customer Engagement Beyond Your Lab’s Boundaries

  • Is your laboratory required to process thousands of samples, catering to a diverse range of internal and external customers?
  • Do you receive samples from internal or third-party manufacturing sites and need to evaluate for batch release, stability, or as an investigation?
  • Are you relying on a service laboratory or contract labs to handle overflow and specialized testing?
  • You may be a CRO, passing results to your customers.
  • Could samples be gathered from labs, internal and external sites that you need to track and evaluate (e.g. environment monitoring)?

If any of these questions elicit a ‘Yes,’ then you find yourself balancing priorities, orchestrating labor and equipment planning, and meticulously tracking hundreds of samples daily—all while upholding the utmost compliance standards and striving for optimal operational efficiency.

Read on to discover how to address your operational challenges when dealing with partners who operate on disparate and disjointed systems, hindering the efficiency of your workflows. Learn strategies to overcome these disparities and initiate solutions to enhance your business processes. Explore the possibilities of adopting a unified platform equipped with robust security options, enabling seamless collaboration and shared experiences for everyone involved, all made possible through BIOVIA ONE Lab.

Key Solution Requirements

What key areas must be assured before considering this highly valuable and impactful operational transformation? 

  • Security – Imposing stringent data and functional segregation measures, ensuring access control based on roles, groups, projects, and organizational parameters to fortify the confidentiality and integrity of sensitive information.
  • Harmonization – Providing the capability to consistently utilize data irrespective of its source, underpinned by a unified master dataset, promoting coherence and compatibility across diverse data origins.
  • IT Footprint – Delivered as a cloud-based service, minimizing the need for significant IT infrastructure investments and ensuring a streamlined and cost-effective operational environment.
  • Digital Continuity – Seamlessly integrate laboratory functions into a unified user experience, ensuring that all essential capabilities are easily accessible and fit for use in a cohesive digital landscape.

Any vendor you consider must have a proven capability to handle these business-critical features.


Welcome to BIOVIA ONE Lab – where your lab experience undergoes a revolutionary transformation, blending efficiency and innovation into a seamless symphony. More than just a name, it’s a game-changer. This singular platform caters to all users, whether internal team members or external customers, promising effortless collaboration and unmatched efficiency. BIOVIA ONE Lab is not just a solution; it’s a unified force shaping the future of your scientific endeavors.

When it comes to granting access to laboratory informatics solutions for external partners and customers, BIOVIA ONE Lab effortlessly ticks all the boxes. It’s the comprehensive answer, ensuring flawless collaboration, top-tier security, and a user-focused experience—all packaged into one robust solution.

BIOVIA ONE Lab features:

  • A comprehensive suite of cutting-edge laboratory informatics features and functions meticulously organized based on User Role, ensuring a uniquely optimized individual User Experience
  • Managed and logically segregated workspaces, providing precise access control based on roles, groups, projects, organizations, and more
  • Granular security for functional permissions and workflow control
  • Common ontologies to facilitate harmonized analytics, regardless of method of entry
  • Cloud solution resides outside the customer’s firewall, resulting in a low threshold for access
  • Comprehensive extension points via REST API for seamless integrations to external systems (if needed)

Example Workflow – ‘Outside’ Testing

Samples are brought into R&D or QC that require testing from an outside lab (e.g. due to resource constraints or highly specialized tests).

  • Sample is logged in to initiate chain-of-custody, and one or many tests are associated with the sample.
  • As a lab manager, you determine that one test needs to be performed at a contract lab. You create a child sample to send to the contract lab.
  • The ‘outside’ test is assigned to the Contract lab. The Contract lab is notified via ONE Lab. When the sample arrives, they scan the sample’s barcode and ‘receive’ it the sample, continuing the chain-of custody. And the ‘home’ lab knows it’s been received!
  • The Contract lab enters the results in a format that allows R&D or QC to continue their workflow.
  • The Contract lab only sees data that they are allowed. ‘Home’ lab is notified that data is available.
  • There is a yearly audit of contract lab performance and costs. From ONE Lab, our lab manager is able to run a report showing turnaround time for specific tests, and total costs.
Lab comparison
Fig. 1: Your Lab, Their Lab, BIOVIA ONE Lab access architecture

Want to Learn More about integrating with ‘Outside’ Labs?

BIOVIA Professional Services is your Trusted Laboratory Transformation Partner

The BIOVIA Professional Services and Consulting team has decades of unparalleled experience and expertise in driving scientific process and workflow digitalization. With a successful track record of assisting numerous scientific companies worldwide, including 25 of the top 25 pharmaceutical and biotech firms, we have earned our reputation as leaders in harmonizing and optimizing laboratory processes.

Testimonials from our satisfied clients speak volumes about our dedication and technical leadership. We take pride in being there for our customers every step of the way, ensuring the ongoing success of their digital transformation initiatives.

At BIOVIA, we prioritize alignment with our customers’ culture and vision, forging strong and high-performing laboratory transformation partnerships. Whether you seek a supportive business partner to complement your internal team or one to take a leadership role, our team possesses the depth of talent and skills required to fulfill all aspects of your laboratory transformation needs.

Our comprehensive range of services includes:

  • Program management, encompassing governance and change management support
  • Laboratory best practices, optimization, and harmonization consulting to enhance efficiency and compliance
  • Solution architecting and laboratory workflow analysis to tailor the perfect fit for your requirements
  • Configuration and integration services to seamlessly integrate BIOVIA into your existing environment
  • Validation and Quality Assurance services ensure the highest reliability and compliance. Technical training and mentoring to empower your team with the knowledge and expertise they need

Moreover, we are deeply committed to providing exceptional customer service, and building a long-lasting business partnership dedicated to the success of your laboratory transformation BIOVIA Professional Services will stand by your side, delivering continuous value and support throughout the years of usage delivering continuous value and support throughout the years of usage

Partner with us and embark on a transformative journey toward a more efficient, productive, and innovative laboratory environment. With BIOVIA as your ally, the future of scientific excellence is within reach.

Download the datasheet or contact us to learn more.

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