August 4, 2021

A New Community for Drug Discovery Researchers

BIOVIA is launching a brand new Drug Discovery & Development Community Why?…
Avatar Tien Luu

BIOVIA is launching a brand new Drug Discovery & Development Community

Why? Because we are at a unique time in history with cheminformatics and modeling & simulation methods now combining with Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning to advance molecular discovery and optimization.

BIOVIA believes that bringing researchers from these disciplines together is the key to accelerating new breakthroughs in data-driven science.

Improve Towards a Target Product Profile

In drug discovery, scientists now explore chemical space by “learning” from real experiments. The  enumeration of all molecules that could be drugs is not currently possible with reasonable resources. However, chemists can use AI and machine learning to explore a large area of chemical space through an iterative generative design process with a fitness function that represents the target product profile.  The discovery cycle combines virtual and real (V+R) activities in which the results of virtual generation and evaluation combine with real world synthesis and testing to allow active learning.

Novel molecules advanced by the virtual ‘generate-test-score’ pruning process move to the lab for synthesis and screening. Real world screening results allow the update of predictive models for subsequent cycles. Optimization of all objectives continues until the target therapeutic profile is met. This iterative V+R cycle accelerates lead candidate design with improved quality, significantly reducing costs of experimentation and advancing only the most promising candidates to clinical trials.

Collaborate More Effectively in Drug Discovery & Development

Your new Drug Discovery and Development Community will provide updates about BIOVIA technology and events. Share ideas about the use of BIOVIA products and research approaches. Pose questions to the community at large. Share content with others, for example: “How to” videos, BIOVIA Pipeline Pilot protocols and BIOVIA Insight/BIOVIA Draw plug-ins to extend existing product functionality.

The new Community addresses the needs of customers using the following BIOVIA applications: Generative Therapeutics Design, Discovery Studio, Registration, Insight and Insight for Excel, Direct Cartridge, Draw, Pipette Sketcher, Pipeline Pilot Chemistry Collection/SDK, BIOVIA Content and DiscoveryGate.

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BIOVIA Drug Discovery & Development Community

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