November 14, 2022

BIOVIA Quick Starts for Small and Midsize Companies

BIOVIA’s Professional Services Quick Start package (POTS) allows you to manage resource and budget constraints, while leveraging BIOVIA’s core solutions. See how a Quick Start (POTS) can help your business save time and accelerate transformation.
Avatar Graham Janson

If your company wants the value from a BIOVIA laboratory transformational solution but lacks the budget and resources of a large enterprise company, this article is for you.

The BIOVIA Professional Services Quick Start package-off-the-shelf (POTS) can help you manage resource and budget constraints while getting the most out of BIOVIA’s core solutions.

What is a ‘Quick Start (POTS)’?

A ‘Quick Start (POTS)’ is an accelerated way to get value from BIOVIA solutions. BIOVIA Professional Services used its deep knowledge of the laboratory space and 100’s of previous successful deployments to identify and pre-package repeatable solutions to address many common laboratory workflows and processes.

Traditionally, laboratory transformation projects require a lengthy ‘Define and Design’ phase in which processes and workflows are mapped to the ‘to-be’ processes. Only once a D&D phase has been completed is it possible to fully understand the entire scope of work and resource requirements.

The ‘Quick Start (POTS)’ methodology eliminates the D&D phase by starting from a predefined, workflow and reducing it to a ‘Refine and Align’ phase where businesses processes are aligned with a menu of options included in a predefined scope. As a result, the project initiation phase is significantly accelerated and costs are controlled.

The BIOVIA Quick Start (POTS) offers a road-mapped and flexible approach to addressing one or more major business/laboratory workflow optimization opportunities.

Is a ‘Quick Start (POTS)’ the Right Choice for me?

BIOVIA Laboratory Informatics is a platform solution that brings together all aspects of your scientific business workflows. However, transforming your whole operation in one single step is risky and prone to issues and challenges. An organization only has so much capacity to absorb change without significant business disruption, particularly in small to midsize companies.

Perhaps you are looking to get up and running quickly with an Electronic Laboratory Notebook (ELN) and are looking for a standard best practice set of features that you’d expect from ELN to get started with. Or, maybe you have a pressing need to deploy a best in class Inventory solution quickly and are looking for guidance from BIOVIA Professional Services on how best to do this based on what others in the industry have done.

Based on years of experience and know-how in the scientific industry, BIOVIA Professional Services developed ‘Quick Starts (POTS)’ to get your business up and running fast. In order to develop and improve workflows and solutions, we continuously learn from every customer engagement. Our software offers many common applications that save you time and accelerate your transformation.

If you are looking for:

  • Electronic Laboratory Notebook (ELN)
  • Laboratory Information Management Solution (LIMS)
  • Lab Execution System (LES)
  • Inventory Solution
  • Quality Management System

You will find each package features a pre-defined scope and project plan designed to provide your users with major benefits from each solution, typically for a fixed-price Professional Services engagement cost.

Extending your ‘Quick Start (POTS)’ Solution

Now that you have deployed your BIOVIA ‘Quick Start (POTS)’ you have a complete understanding of system features and capabilities. Maybe your users are asking for additional incremental features that would optimize or enhance specific workflows? This is no problem at all! All Quick Starts are built using standard core BIOVIA configuration features and extension points. BIOVIA Professional Services will be happy to collaborate with you to understand your new business requirements and extend your solution deployment to ensure your users and sponsors receive the maximum possible benefit from your investment. The phased approach has been used successfully in many digital and business transformation programs and BIOVIA Professional Services will partner with you to define the right single or multi-phase program to best suit your business needs.

‘BIOVIA Quick Start (POTS)’ are design to be modular and stackable, meaning that you can implement different parts of the solution on a schedule that fits the ability of your organization to adopt change.

Key Value Propositions of a ‘Quick Start (POTS)’ Solution

Not having to start from scratch, but instead beginning with a proven pre-existing configuration was a much cheaper and faster way for my organization to realize the tangible value from my investment in the BIOVIA laboratory solution!

 – Laboratory Director, midsize Life Sciences Company

Specifically targeted for small to mid-size companies including:

  • Accelerated deployment of best practice workflow solutions leveraging BIOVIA Professional Services, offering experience from thousands of previous successful deployments.
  • Reduced time to value (T2V) in realizing the efficiency and productivity benefits of world-class BIOVIA solutions.
  • Controlled scope, pre-defined engagements that manage costs and resource requirements.
  • All ‘Quick Start (POTS)’ are available as cloud hosted solutions lowering the IT infrastructure costs and total cost of ownership (TCO).
  • ‘Quick Start (POTS)’ solutions provide an entry point to the powerful 3D Experience Platform that will allow you to continue to expand the scope of your laboratory and business operation digitization journey in a single user experience over time.

Why BIOVIA Professional Services?

Implementing a software solution to digitally transform your business does not need to be difficult or require large internal resources. Our global BIOVIA Professional Services and Consulting team has decades of experience and expertise in understanding and delivering scientific process and workflow digitalization. We have supported hundreds of scientific companies worldwide, including 25 of the top 25 pharmaceutical and biotech companies in harmonizing and optimizing their processes.

As the #1 business partner for leveraging deep expertise in delivering scientific solutions for scientists, we have built long-term business partnerships with customers. We strive to continue to support the adoption and expansion of workflow digitization across various industries.

Our unique relationship with BIOVIA Development teams allows us to remain at the cutting edge of BIOVIA software releases. As industry experts and as “the voice of the customer” we advise BIOVIA Development on product roadmaps and are first to gain access to new features.

We are committed to providing outstanding customer service by building an enduring business partnership. Together, we will realize your transformation project and support its usage and value for years to come. Your success is our success!

Get the most value out of your BIOVIA solution by contacting sales and begin your journey with BIOVIA Professional Services today. We look forward to partnering with you.

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