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Software République | The Future of Mobility Ecosystems| An Executive Chat

Exclusive Q and A session with the COO of Software République, Eric Feunteun and the Dassault Systémes executives who work closely with the brand.
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Upgrading Your Business Model with Experience Ecosystems – while supply and distribution networks are the lifeblood of manufacturing, software-defined products and always-on direct customer relationships grow in different kinds of ecosystems. Makers of advanced products like cars and planes are forming alliances with suppliers and technology companies to deliver the next generation vehicle platforms to power future mobility experiences. In this session, pioneering CEOs will share their experience and advice for constructing cutting-edge industry clusters.

Meet Software République

An open innovation ecosystem created by six large companies (Atos, Dassault Systèmes, Orange, Renault Group, STMicroelectronics and Thales), Software République has set itself clear objectives to help create a European ecosystem for sustainable, sovereign and safe mobility. Its roadmap sets out the ambition of launching 10 new services and products, incubating 50 or more startups, and offering services in more than 50 geographies around the world by 2025.

Meet the Human 1st Concept

The Human 1st Vision Concept Car incorporates functional and innovative technologies which illustrate its human-centered visions of the mobility of the future. This physical vehicle doubles up as a virtual replica, a virtual twin in a digital universe where systems that are currently independent (infrastructure, energy, public services, users of different categories) communicate. This makes it possible to model, visualize and simulate the different use cases that could arise in the real world. Thanks to its interconnection with its environment, H1stvision is in constant dialogue with digital and physical ecosystems. A true experience beyond automotive mobility, H1stvision is not just a concept car: it is a tangible vision of tomorrow’s mobility experience.

Tom Acland [CEO, 3DEXCITE] and Laurence Montanari [VP, Transportation & Mobility Industry, Dassault Systémes] sat down for a chat with Eric Feunteun [COO,Software République]

Q: [LM]: Tell us a about Software République. How was it conceived and what is the mission?

A: [EF]: The idea is quite simple. Mobility is changing massively in a way that implies new type of ecosystem cooperation and more software. That why Luca De-Meo, Bernard Charles and 4 other CEO’s have created this unique ecosystem in 2021. Our mission is simple: create product and services, bundling assets and skill of minimum 3 partners, including as start-up. Those co-innovation are put on the market to third party customer as well to maximize business impact.

Q: [TA]: As an inherently European initiative, what makes the Software République special?

A: [EF]: To be honest I never found, despite my research, a similar model focusing on business innovation. I know a lot of think tank but they stop after the POC. I know a lot of incubator, but they focus more on renting their M² than developing concret projects with start-ups.

Q. [LM]: Why do you think automotive companies such as Renault are investing time and resources on ecosystem building projects like Software République?

A: [EF]: It is not a choice. It is mandatory. If we want to transform Renault in a Tech company and compete with new Electric Vehicle pure player, we can not stay in the traditional Auto vertical with Tier 1, 2…. We need to collaborate with cities, with energy companies, with software players… many players that are not traditional player of auto-industry.

Q: [LM]: The Human 1st Vision was result of several partners bring their knowledge and know-how together. How do you think partners like Dassault Systèmes are complementing the know how of Renault?

A: [EF]: Dassault is a major contributor to H1st experience. The most disruptive contribution is the connection between physical moke-up and digital twin. This is a world premiere. 3DEXCITE has also shown the performance of its tools set, to produce simple and clear animations, demonstrations of use cases. 3D is also a key stakeholder through interaction with cities and public authorities through the performance of urban simulation tools

Q: [LM]: At Software République we are thinking about what mobility will mean to the people in the future. Eric, How do you think the Human 1st Vision illustrated what we imagine this future to be?

A: [EF]: I think the first message is the future of mobility is fun and full of emotions. That’s the first reaction when people discover H1st. The other key message share by the 12 partners who contributed to H1st, is that technology is not a goal by itself. It is there to serve and protect humans in an out of the car. Last message conveyed by H1st is that none of us has the solution; cooperation in the ecosystem is a must for all players.

Join us in Darmstadt!

Meet Eric at the 3DEXPERIENCE Conference in Darmstadt on October 18th-19th in the session: Upgrading Your Business Model with Experience Ecosystems. 
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