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3DEXCITE Frontpage – Spring 2023 Edition

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Register Today – Upcoming 3DEXCITE Live 

3DEXCITE Live is back with its next installment, The Generative AI Explosion, on June 22! As AI takes center stage with democratized tools like GPT-4, its power to disrupt entire industries and workforces is undeniable.
There are new challenges and opportunities: “How will AI and Virtual Twins impact each other? Will generative AI augment or replace human creativity? What new skills will the next generation of creatives need?”

REGISTER NOW and join us on June 22 as we talk to experts from around the world to spark new ideas and innovation.

Check it now – FLAVOR3D by 3DEXCITE: Hyundai N Vision 74

Hydrogen powered vehicles are more than just a dream. With the N Vision 74, they have become a reality. It is the first Hydrogen Hybrid rolling lab that represents Hyundai design’s vision for a sustainable future with legacy. Inspired by Pony Coupe concept, N Vision 74 elevates Pony as Hyundai’s timeless icon. Its design exceeds all expectations of what a future high-performance car should look like. 

FLAVOR3D’s passion for CGI visualization aligns with Hyundai’s vision beyond the electric car – all rendered in stunning high-fidelity imagery.

See more of their work:

Let’s Recognize – 3DEXCITE Keeps It Green

Shout out to our 3DS Detroit team who picked up trash along both sides of 12 Mile Rd., between Woodward Ave. and Greenfield Rd. Our crew of 27 volunteers filled approximately 30 trash bags, and even had a run-in with Berkley mayor, Bridget Dean, who appreciated everyone’s work!

Learn more about Adopt-a-Road, the organization we worked with.

Listen – New Spotify Playlist – May Flowers

Grow excitement for your sustainable products with 3D commercial innovation.

Let your creativity bloom into eco-minded future ideas with our latest mix

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Watch Now – Hyundai Smart Experiences

Hyundai recognizes four pillars in its vehicle experience strategy: connected cars, clean mobility, open mobility, and diversified mobility. With proactive innovation, Hyundai is positioning itself as a leader in digital transformation and shaping mobility’s future. The company knows that ‘one size does not fit all’ in diversified mobility and works with 3DEXCITE to provide customized solutions that meet individual needs.

Hyundai uses the Commercial Virtual Twin to develop and offer personalized products and services, elevating every virtual product interaction. 

Watch the full, 3DEXPERIENCE Forum presentation from Jonah Hong, Hyundai | VP Digital Customer Experience, on YouTube!

Upcoming Events

The 3DEXPERIENCE Lab, our Open innovation laboratory accelerates disruptive deeptech startups around the world on Life, city, and lifestyle to change the world. On Saturday, Meet our Human Resources team looking for new talents to imagine and create virtual universes at Dassault Systèmes.

​​​​​​​This year’s theme is “Japan’s DX Realized by Virtual Twins”. Leveraging Dassault Systèmes’ 3DEXPERIENCE platform, we will present business transformation case studies, digital transformation initiatives and know-how in the lecture and exhibition at the venue

Festival of the Future
Whether you are interested in Artificial Intelligence, Quantum, Web3, ClimateTech, LifeSciences, the Metaverse or Space: At the „Festival of the Future“ you’ll get the information and contacts you need for yourself and your organization to thrive.

Le Bourget | Paris Airshow
Discover how Dassault Systèmes can help you overcome today’s challenges, while preparing for a sustainable future. Join us at this year’s Paris Air Show to engage with industry experts and learn how you can lead your company transformation through the power of virtual worlds.

The 3DEXPERIENCE Conference 2023 gives you the opportunity to get insights into  game-changing virtual technology, trends and strategies, share ideas and create synergies between industries.

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