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What is greenwashing?

Is your favorite brand guilty of greenwashing … or providing misleading information about the environmental impact of their products?

Solving Manufacturing Engineering Challenges in High Tech with Virtual Builds

DELMIA engaged Tech-Clarity  to survey 177 industry professionals and found that achieving product development success, while meeting evolving demands, relies on manufacturing engineering efficiency—driven by digitalization. Top-performing organizations understand this. They have leveraged the “virtual build” process—constructing the product digitally with real-life data inputs to overcome challenges that impact profitability, productivity and efficiency.

Four Industry Trends for Optimal Performance in Manufacturing and Operations

Effective planning, management and execution in supply chains, manufacturing and operations is a complex puzzle for any organization. Companies need to evaluate the risks in any decision and build resilience to disruption while optimizing to be more competitive.

DELMIA Communities Month in Review

We welcome you to connect with us, exchange and share on the DELMIA Communities. We look forward to seeing you there!

Rail operators go green and switch to electric trains

How the 3DEXPERIENCE platform powers the digital transformation of Spanish railway systems manufacturer CAF.

New Opportunities Brewing for the Beer Industry in a Post-Pandemic World

The beer industry was hit hard by the closure of on-premise beer consumption, so with global economies gradually reopening, experts have an optimistic outlook for certain sectors of the industry.

Calling all students! Share your innovative idea on how to achieve zero carbon emissions.

We’re looking for your best idea on how to reduce carbon dioxide emissions to combat climate change. Submit by December 30!

The Four Main Success Factors for Implementing Supply Chain Planning and Optimization Systems

Companies that manage their supply chains in an effective and efficient manner will find themselves ahead of the competition. An effective supply chain delivers the right product to the customer at the right moment in time, whereas an efficient supply chain does this against the lowest costs possible.

European Mobility Week: Working toward sustainable urban mobility

Another European Mobility Week has come and gone. Following the spirit of this year’s theme “Better Connections,” we’re highlighting three incredible stories that showcase how making the right connections can produce powerful mobility outcomes.

Unified Modeling and Simulation

Exploring how we do science-based modeling and simulation, and how new paradigms in this field are delivering next-generation product design systems with modeling and simulation at their core.

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