Workforce of the futureOctober 8, 2020

Shaping the future of work with 3DEXPERIENCE

The World Economic Forum has projected that 65% of children currently in…
Avatar Alyssa Ross

The World Economic Forum has projected that 65% of children currently in primary school will hold jobs that currently don’t exist. While those students are still a few decades from entering the workforce, there is a related challenge upon us today: university students and seasoned professionals alike are finding themselves lacking the job skills currently in demand by industry. This is particularly true for the many companies focused on creating sustainable innovation, which is calling for new technology and new approaches to ideation.

For years, studies have pointed to a gap between the skills needed to fill vacant jobs and what is being taught in schools. Industry disruption from the COVID-19 pandemic became a proof point of this for chasm; as companies needed to quickly pivot to redefine their business model, it became clear how much reskilling, upskilling and training is needed. Roles are evovling fast. Industry alone can’t make overcome this challenge: academic institutions must also transform their approach to what they teach, and how, now that hybrid learning is becoming the new norm.

To help shape the workforce of the future, we have launched 3DEXPERIENCE Edu, a new Dassault Systèmes world to empower people with the right skills to create a more sustainable future! 3DEXPERIENCE Edu is designed to help students and professionals thrive in the workplace with in-demand skills. It also will connect academic institutions with businesses to redefine how they can work together to identify needs and training methods. The goal is to boost employability by reducing the gap between industry needs and what is taught in classes.

3DEXPERIENCE Edu will also continue the Dassault Systèmes tradition of offering challenges and competitions for hands-on learning. Experience-based learning is growing in popularity, and helps people actively grow both hard and soft skills. You can see current and past challenges here.

To work on these challenges and provide first-hand know-how, the program also offers students access to software throughout the year. Through November 6, in celebration of back to school, students can request one year of free access to the 3DEXPERIENCE platform through 3DEXPERIENCE Engineer based on CATIA or 3D Designer based on SOLIDWORKS. Interested students can learn more here.

3DEXPERIENCE Edu offers an inclusive world where excellence, individual performance and purpose combine with user communities to make learning fun and enjoyable for all. We look forward to sharing stories about how the different entities – students, academics, professionals and companies – are working through 3DEXPERIENCE Edu to be more agile and ready to take on – and create – what’s next. Stay tuned!

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