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What is Industry Renaissance?

As we recently announced, the latest issue of our Compass magazine is…
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As we recently announced, the latest issue of our Compass magazine is out.  The cover story explores Industry Renaissance.

What is Industry Renaissance?  It’s a profound societal transformation on a scale that has not been seen since the great European Renaissance. One of the most significant advances during that time was the introduction of Gutenberg’s printing press.  Why?  Because it allowed for the rapid production of books, making the knowledge available to a much wider audience.  Today, the new book is the experience. Digital technology, in making possible virtual experiences, changes our world, just like the printing press did in the 15th century. As a result we are experiencing a global Industry Renaissance, bringing new ways, real and virtual, of inventing, learning, producing and trading.

You’ve already seen the Industry Renaissance in action. Amazon and Google have created entirely new business models that have changed the way we live; Airbnb and Uber have transformed entire industries. In fablabs around the world, anyone can create a smart, connected object in just a few hours.  Meanwhile large, established companies like Boeing are reinventing themselves with .

Virtual worlds are an entirely new way of learning, combining the classroom and the laboratory to make accessible augmented knowledge and know-how – the keys to success in this new era – available at speeds and scales previously unimaginable. Knowledge and know-how are heart of the Industry Renaissance because they determine our capacity to invent sustainable solutions that address the challenges facing humanity. The leading businesses of tomorrow will be those that empower the workforce of the future, along with their value networks, with knowledge and know-how to deliver new categories of sustainable solutions.

Want to understand more about this Industry Renaissance? Read the complete article in Compass. You’ll discover how industry is transforming from a means of production into a process of value creation, and you’ll read stories of nimble, information-driven companies optimized to serve fast-evolving consumer tastes. And you’ll come to understand why virtual experience platforms such as our 3DEXPERIENCE platform are the critical infrastructure of Industry Renaissance.

You can also watch the following video to learn more!

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