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Re-inventing Naval Programs

Navy OUTLOOK, published by Faircount Media Group and supported by the Royal…
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Navy OUTLOOK, published by Faircount Media Group and supported by the Royal Australian Navy, is a specialized trade publication targeted at decision-makers throughout the defence and maritime industries. François Mathieu, Marine & Offshore Industry Consulting and Services Director, Dassault Systèmes, contributed an article on “Re-inventing Naval Programs” in Navy OUTLOOK’s 2019 Edition, which was distributed to attendees at the PACIFIC 2019 International Maritime Exposition.

We bring you a summary of François Mathieu’s article as follows. You can download the full article from .

Naval programs are synonymous with complexity. Ships and submarines are complicated products, with a lengthy development phase that can take anywhere between three to eight years to build from when it was first commissioned. Ongoing maintenance, repair and overhaul can add another 40 years to their lifetime. Delivering a completed naval program in a timely and cost-efficient manner requires concurrent and efficient collaboration across entire ecosystems of designers, engineers, operations and production workers, customers, partners and suppliers.

Digital transformation has immense potential to facilitate collaboration and break down siloed data. Digital designs providing a single source of information for collaboration amongst these varied and multiple stakeholders, enabling full traceability of the naval program from requirements to systems specifications and final definition. However, digital transformation is not just about upgrading IT systems. It is a holistic transformation endeavour that encompasses technology, as well as business, skills and workforce development.

In this article, François Mathieu’s will explain the benefits of leveraging virtual experience platforms in the digital transformation of naval programs. They are a vital part of the Industry Renaissance, a societal transformation being driven by the use of virtual worlds to capture, grow and leverage companies’ knowledge and know-how, enabling them to embark on new ways of seeing business from synchronizing virtual and real worlds.

The article will also highlight successful case studies in the Marine & Offshore industry, showcasing how Dassault Systèmes’ 3DEXPERIENCE platform, by enabling global collaboration on a single virtual experience platform, helps companies solve issues efficiently in real-time.

Learn more from the full article published in the 2019 Edition of Navy OUTLOOK, available online at

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