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How cloud becomes a driver for innovation

Cloud is certainly no longer just a simple replacement for the legacy…
Avatar Renate Enge

Cloud is certainly no longer just a simple replacement for the legacy systems that run on premises. More and more companies are discovering the cloud as the ultimate platform for innovation and collaboration. The way in which the cloud gives wings to innovation becomes apparent from the following four practical examples.

Most enterprises now profit from the well-known benefits of the cloud. They are flexible in purchasing IT resources, can quickly upscale and downscale the capacity, and minimise the investment expenditures. But that’s not all. The cloud for these companies also increases the ability to innovate, as innovation also benefits from flexibility and scalability. And the cloud brings ‘innovators’ even more advantages:

  1. Cloud improves collaboration

Innovation, certainly in the current Industry Renaissance age, often stems from co-creation. This is also the case at Renault. This car manufacturer’s Cooperative Innovation Lab (LCI) uses the cloud to connect designers, engineers, system architects, business analysts, and marketing specialists in a virtual network.

LCI uses the Electro Mobility Accelerator for the development of the experimental electric ‘EZ-FLEX’ car. This solution is based on Dassault Systèmes’ 3DEXPERIENCE platform. The advantage of this accelerator is that project team members can in realtime and safely collaborate on developing the EZ-FLEX. They are hereby able to test a design on aesthetic issues, assess technical specifications, analyse market trends, and work together on a 3D object basis.

  1. Cloud unlocks advanced technologies

A shoe should fit perfectly, and it should preferably be tailor made. This is precisely what ECCO does with project Quant-U. The Danish shoe manufacturer scans an individual’s feet, both when standing still land during movement. The obtained biometric data is by means of machine learning and structural simulations subsequently translated into a 3D model. One hour later, personalised midsoles, which form the heart of the shoes, roll out of the printer.

Quant-U, ECCO combines future technologies such as 3D printing, simulation, and machine learning. With thanks to the cloud. The Danish shoe producer has these advanced technologies at its disposal thanks to the 3DEXPERIENCE cloud platform.

  1. Cloud makes innovation location-independent

As mentioned before, innovation is often the result of co-creation, a process in which ideas and insights complement each other. But how do you realise an optimal collaboration when your best engineers and architects are situated all over the world and other team members are often travelling? This is often only possible with a complex, time-consuming, and inefficient process in which large files are exchanged and imported.

This was also the reality at Globe Trailers. To put an end to this inefficient work method, this manufacturer of trailers moved its product development to the cloud. A place where design drawings and simulation models are at all times available for all employees involved with a new development. Wherever they are located.

  1. Cloud improves data integrity

AKKA Technologies, developer of smart mobility solutions, experienced however an even more significant benefit of innovation in the cloud: it ensures the data that is worked with is correct.

Working at different locations with different IT systems comes with great risks. There is the risk that involved parties start working with different versions of a design, or information is lost because a team member forgets to create a back-up. Frequent importing and exporting of data also leads to data corruption.

AKKA selected the 3DEXPERIENCE platform for developing its autonomous concept car, the Link & Go 2.0. All project and product data is available in Dassault Systèmes’ cloud in one single location, without needing to carry out complex and perilous actions for, for instance, sharing drawings. Everyone works with this specific version of the truth and is able to follow, and comment on, an innovation’s progress in real time. Just like if they were all in the same office. This not only improves the team spirit, but co-creation too.

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