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Aftermarket Business Platform 2019

The world is changing – and with it the industrial sector, which…
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The world is changing – and with it the industrial sector, which is undergoing a major transformation due to constraints from globalization, digitization and changing customer behaviors.

Organizations who want to stay at the forefront are shifting their focus from transactional-based business models to complete service providers focused on delivering availability, outcome, and performance.

This and many more aspects will be discussed at the 13th edition of the Aftermarket Business Platform, held in Nyköping, Sweden, October 16-18 2019. It will gather more than 200 Service Leaders from across Europe who will offer different views on the uberization of services, the buzz word for staying ahead of the competitors in the future.

Josefina Sonnerup is Solution Experience manager/After-Sales & Service at Dassault Systèmes, and will participate at the conference together with her colleagues, to present the company’s aftermarket solution Keep-Them-Running.

“The Aftermarket Business Platform event is a good fit for us since we offer our customer exactly that, the 3EXPERIENCE Platform-as –a-Business Model, which allows our customer to manage their full business from Engineering to the Aftermarket, seamlessly without broken links.”

This is the first service dedicated event Dassault Systèmes will be participating in since 2014.

“It is time for Dassault Systèmes to make some noise within this domain. We are not very known on this market, though we have a lot to offer. It is the good moment to change that in order to be seen as not just a PLM software vendor but a Business Platform Enabler, allowing our customer to collaborate with their customers, suppliers and with each other. But it is not just to promote our selves that is the objective of this event, it is the opportunity to listen to the manufacturers’ stories, what do they need, what are their struggles, what are their visions, in order to better develop tomorrow’s solution together with them”.

For her, uberization of services, is really the key to the future.

“Uberizing your business will make the running life of a product the priority, rather than high volume-fast lead-time. Products will be built- to-last, so that OEMs can sell their product experiences, not only twice but a thousands of times”.

This explains why Dassault Systèmes calls its solution Keep them running.

“Products shall be designed to run, not to break. IoT, Big data, Industry 4.0, Predictive maintenance, Design-for-service, Product-as-a-Service are all examples of technology- and business trends aiming to do the same thing; to stop wasting. Wasting time, wasting money, wasting material, wasting energy, wasting the planet. It is a simply as that, and Dassault Systèmes understood this a long time ago. So, going towards a service-oriented business model, might not make you the winner but it will prevent you from being the looser. This transformation requires high performance technology, it is just not possible otherwise. So it is either digitize or die.”

As a partner of the event, we can offer our contacts a 25% discount on the ticket! Just use the code Dassault25 when you register here.

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