Thought LeadershipOctober 21, 2020

Driven to distraction

As cognitive overload at work threatens productivity, employers seek solutions.
Avatar Bernadette Hearne

Businesses take many steps to protect their employees’ physical health, but how are they protecting their employees’ cognitive wellbeing?

Boston Consulting Group (BCG) describes the communication vehicles competing for our attention as “cognitive overload,” a form of brain drain that reduces attention spans, creativity and problem-solving abilities. To defeat it, BCG advises organizations to “address cognition comprehensively.”

One option? A digital business platform that gives employees one central source for reliable, up-to-the-minute information, with workspaces that track every aspect of a project. By empowering employees with ready access to consolidated, rationalized information when they need it, a platform helps protect, restore and build everyone’s cognitive powers.

Cognitive overload manifests in different ways at different organizational levels.

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