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All in a day’s work

5 ways a business innovation platform provides upskilling and reskilling
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To stay current, many employees will need significant reskilling or upskilling. This is especially true in Manufacturing, where McKinsey & Company estimates that 58% of all activities can be automated – a higher percentage than in any other industry.

As employees watch their skills become outdated, 87% of employers in a recent survey report that they are or soon will experience skill gaps – but fewer than half have a clear plan to address them. Given that manufacturers can’t hire the digital-twin engineers, predictive supply network analysts, robot-teaming coordinators and smart factory managers they already need, reskilling and upskilling are their best options – and cost only 12% of hiring from outside.

Workers know what they expect: 58% say their employers are responsible for letting them know when they need to reskill – and that employers should pay for training. Meanwhile, 90% of Generation Z workers cite opportunities for “professional development” as their top factor in choosing an employer.

All of these data points depict an environment where employers need to build skills development into the day-to-day work lives of their employees wherever possible. After all, teaching new skills in the context of existing work is the most efficient, cost-effective and natural way to learn.

Deloitte and the Manufacturing Institute recommend five actions to enhance reskilling and upskilling. Here’s how a business innovation platform makes them “all in a day’s work”:

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