SustainabilityOctober 30, 2019

Reframing sustainability as a corporate priority

We are excited to announce that latest issue of Dassault Systèmes’ corporate…
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We are excited to announce that latest issue of Dassault Systèmes’ corporate thought-leadership magazine, Compass, has been released!  The cover story is on The Business Sustainability Imperative.

“Sustainability” is a topic that’s actively discussed in today’s world. While the term certainly can relate to the environment, it increasingly also refers to social issues – such as fairness, opportunity and quality of life – and economic issues – such as the impact a company’s success on its community and its long-term viability. These three categories of sustainability – popularly known as people, planet and profit – support and reinforce one another. Balancing these creates a circular economy.

Global research indicates that citizens no longer believe they can count on government to lead the way on sustainability initiatives – so they are looking to businesses instead. In this issue of Compass, we explore how people and organizations that step up have the opportunity to reap great rewards. We feature seven organizations that are already doing so.

The issue is full of articles on other topics as well, such as:

  • Business Model Innovation – Globally, entrepreneurs who are frustrated with ‘business as usual’ are leveraging digital technologies to create entirely new business models. By breaking the rules, these innovators are disrupting industry after industry and forcing traditional industry leaders to rethink their business models.
  • Smart Airports – Technology and passenger preferences continuously redefine the airports of tomorrow. How are some of the most forward-looking of these facilities exploiting digital technologies to enhance the end-to-end travel experience?
  • Working Together – From welders and boilermakers to health care technicians and airline pilots, countries worldwide are facing a profound shortage of middle-skill workers. To close the gap, businesses and educators are teaming up to change out-of-date attitudes about these vital jobs, then recruit and train students for positions with local employers.

Read this issue now to discover these stories and much more!

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