SustainabilityNovember 8, 2019

Making a Difference…by harnessing ocean currents for dependable renewable energy

The inefficiencies in the energy system are one of the largest threats…
Avatar Alyssa Ross

The inefficiencies in the energy system are one of the largest threats to our planet. With Minesto, we are going to change that. Martin Edlund, CEO

Scientists estimate that carbon fuels account for about 60% of total global greenhouse gas emissions  It is Martin Edlund’s passion to help reduce our dependency these resources.  How? By harnessing the most significant untapped energy resource in the world: the kinetic energy from our oceans.

Tides are generated by the gravitational forces between the Earth, the moon and the sun. This relative motion creates constant currents that, in theory, have the potential to generate three times the world’s energy needs. Minesto’s product, Deep Green, is a kite-like device that operates in areas with low-flow tidal streams and ocean currents. By sweeping a small turbine across a large area, at a speed several times that of the underwater current, the subsea kite harvests energy.

As part of our new Making a Difference series, watch the video below to hear Edlund talk about Minesto’s mission. You can read more about how they are approaching the creation of new systems to contribute to energy generation in Compass magazine, as well as discover how the work they do is also having a positive impact on the communities where their business is located, by creating local wealth and jobs.

“Our mission is clear: we want to contribute to the global energy mix and support the transition to 100% renewable energy systems.”


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