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We’re the world’s most sustainable corporation

    Corporate Knights just announced their list of the World’s Most…
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Corporate Knights just announced their list of the World’s Most Sustainable Corporations and we are proud to share that Dassault Systèmes ranks at the top of their list.

Calling us “a major force in sustainable innovation” the report cited the impact that our digital technologies have had in helping companies and governments adopt renewables, experiment with various forms of sustainable mobility and create smarter cities.

From our founding, we’ve been focused on optimizing manufacturing processes – which helps our customers reduce waste and become more efficient. Over the past decade, we’ve explicitly stated that our purpose is to help a wide range of industries make products that help to harmonize production, nature and life.

Our 3DEXPERIENCE platform is at the core of this mission.  It allows companies to virtualize the design process by creating 3D designs and digitally simulating and optimizing the product.  Not only does this drive innovation by allowing an infinite number of possibilities to be tested, it eliminates the need to make physical prototypes which saves resources and materials.

Digitalization also opens up the opportunity to transform business models and create strategies based on the sharing economy and the circular economy. As of director of public affairs and sustainability, Valerie Ferret, said: “What we do is not just about optimization, it’s also about inventing what doesn’t yet exist.”

Case in point: the report cites our support of Solar Impulse, a groundbreaking sustainable product that was the first aircraft to fly around the world using only solar power.

Corporate Knights calculated that a quarter of our revenues come from clean products, But it took more than this to earn the top ranking.  We got high marks for our carbon, water and waste productivity as well as our innovation capacity, the ratio of CEO-to-average-worker pay, leadership diversity and taxes paid. We also earned points for our support to startups that create new products and business models, ranging from wave energy devices to non-obsolescent washing machines built to last more than 20 years. ”

You can read their complete profile of Dassault Systèmes here.

Companies from 22 different countries made the 2018 list. European-based companies account for 69% with North America and Asia accounting for 22% and 12%, respectively.

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