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Meet the Humans Driving Progress

A closer look at the people using technology to reshape the future of our world and move progress forward.
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Progress takes many forms, and it’s most often sparked by a human desire to help make the world a better place. Whether it’s an engineer who was inspired by family to help stop the spread of airborne diseases or the son of farmers who set out on a quest to make the world more accessible and inclusive, progress always has one thing in common: humanity.

Humans are at the heart of every advancement — every form of progress — that has reshaped the world. 

At Dassault Systèmes, we are committed to helping build a better future and providing the tools and technology to empower others to drive change. As a company that finds itself ingrained in industries ranging from engineering to medicine to aerospace, among so many other, we’ve had the opportunity to witness and work with some of the biggest innovators in their field. It’s through this work that we’ve been able to support so many individuals who are making a mark in their own unique way with tools like SOLIDWORKS, the 3DEXPERIENCE platform, SIMULIA and myriad other Dassault Systèmes solutions.  

And so, we decided it’s time to shine the spotlight on some of these people. In this blog series, we’ll be diving deep into the inspiring stories of a handful of humans who have carved out a path all their own. These aren’t just stories of innovation or flashy new products, they’re about individuals seeing a problem, finding a way to overcome it, and ultimately creating something that improves the lives of countless people.

We’re sitting down with engineers, scientists, Dassault Systèmes employees, and everyone in between to get to know the humans responsible for projects that are poised to transform the future and create a better world for us all.

Please join us as we kick off our profile series and get to know some of the humans driving progress in our world.

Up first are Maki Kaplinsky, an entrepreneur whose company is making the world’s first drive-and-fly eVTOL, and Mattias Robertsson, a Dassault Systèmes employee whose popular simulations use humor to showcase our solutions on social media.

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