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4 Key Attributes of Successful Digital Manufacturers

Manufacturing is in the midst of a revolution…the digital revolution. The world…
Avatar Alyssa Ross

Manufacturing is in the midst of a revolution…the digital revolution.

The world is being shaped by a convergence of technology —the merger of automation, IoT, AI, business processes, big data and cloud computing. This in turn reshaping how manufacturers innovate and respond to customer demands.

With consumers demanding more personalized products, manufacturers around the world are under pressure to transform from mass production to mass personalization. Digitalization makes this evolution possible. How? By enhancing collaboration by providing digital continuity from ideation to production through post-sales service.

Digitalization also lets users virtually model the manufacturing process.  These digital twins – like the 3DEXPERIENCE Twin – mean that no longer are investments in physical equipment required to determine if a concept is “manufacturing ready.” Not only is money saved but time is as well since manufacturers can more quickly respond to market demands.

Manufacturers who embrace a fully digitized manufacturing environment can gain new customers and enrich offerings for existing customers. But what must they do to make that happen?

In coordination with Industry Week, we recently released an eBook to answer this question. It examines the four key characteristics that today’s manufacturers must embody:

  • Creative: to enable new business models for cost-effective mass personalization
  • Smart: to improve speed and agility with real-time data intelligence
  • Value: to connect ideation throughout the development process
  • Human: to empower collaboration and foster inventiveness

If manufacturers embrace these key attributes along with a digital manufacturing, they will be well positioned to win the global race for gaining new customers and enriching existing ones.

Discover the details in the eBook, including examples of what companies such as Joby Avation and Scania are doing in their quest to be high-performing digital manufacturers.

But before you go, check out this short video about what companies need to know about manufacturing in the Age of Experience!

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