ManufacturingJune 7, 2018

Dassault Systémes: IndustryWeek Discusses “Gaming the Factory” for the Age of Digital Experience

With the global takeover of mobile gaming, as well as augmented reality…
Avatar Timothy Svenson

Hitch also mentions how Dassault Systémes has already “powered up” and gotten their “game on” through their powerful 3DEXPERIENCE Platform. Honda has already driven on board by digitizing their plants with Dassault Systémes’ software, using model processes that allow the plant managers to see, not just the product being built but, “the entire line, the adjacent line, and even the material handling vehicles moving the product throughout the plant.” Truly embracing the platform and optimizing their plants performance.

To read more about this extremely interesting idea of “gaming the factory” and its solution to improving manufacturing labor conditions, as well as how Dassault Systémes software is making this possible, navigate to the article here.

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