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What Is The Future of Clinical Trials?

Who can understand the mysteries of the human heart?  The Living Heart…
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Who can understand the mysteries of the human heart?  The Living Heart Project, a research initiative founded by Dassault Systèmes is pushing the boundaries of virtual human modeling to discover the complexities of the heart as the scientific and medical community seeks faster and more targeted ways to improve patient care. At its core, the Living Heart Project is a complex 3D simulation model that can be leveraged by the medical community to diagnose cardiovascular illness, to test the effects of different devices, interventions, and medications on the heart, and simulate expensive and sometimes risky surgical procedures. Today, with more than 130 member organizations, the project has grown rapidly, achieved critical mass and is now self-sustaining with active participation and collaboration among members

Bruce Y. Lee explores the Living Heart Project, its history, and the role of Dassault Systèmes in a recent Forbes article entitled, The Future of Clinical Trials? Here is a Simulation Model of the Heart.

As background, the Living Heart Project began in 2014 with a collaboration between Dassault Systèmes and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The FDA was eager to utilize modeling and simulation for the added data it could bring to regulatory decision making. While Dassault Systèmes was ready to bring its experience in developing simulation models for other industries like automotive and aerospace, to biology and medicine, the medical industry is conservative. Dassault’ Systemes vice chairman and CEO, Bernard Charlès, shares, “Unlike other industries, the level of adoption of modeling and simulation in medicine has historically been extremely low.” 

Today, clear benefits, real-life applications, and an active global project community have propelled the Living Heart Project forward with a growing number of medical experts welcome this new technology and the advantages it offers.  Bernard Charlès reflects, “The reveal came when we met with open-minded surgeons. They showed us the reality of their daily lives and the complex planning process involved before going to the operating room. It gave us hope that they were open to new ways to do things.” 

Check out the full article in Forbes to learn more about The Living Heart Project.

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