Design & SimulationOctober 25, 2019

So you want to build a hoverboard…

Whether it’s a hoverboard, a car or a building – the 3DEXPERIENCE…
Avatar Alyssa Ross

Whether it’s a hoverboard, a car or a building – the 3DEXPERIENCE platform can help bring your vision from design to manufacturing and everything in between. Not sure what the 3DEXPERIENCE platform is all about or how it can help your business? Check out this video to discover its power, regardless of your role in a company.

The 3DEXPERIENCE platform is both a catalyst and an enabler for sustainable development. Why?

  • 3D is a universal language that unleashes people’s imagination
  • Experience is all about the primacy of usage; the focus is on the user not the object
  • The platform directly connects people who need something with people who have something to offer

Being sustainable is about creativity and inventing the future. This is what the 3DEXPERIENCE platform enables.

Want to learn more? You’ll find a number of resources here.

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