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WATCH: IFWE Impact the future of neuroscience

The 3DEXPERIENCE Lab’s “IFWE Impact” series asks the question, “Can we change the future of neuroscience?”
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There are 86 billion neurons in the brain. This complex network of cells transmit information throughout the body. These neurons are the building blocks of our nervous system.

The latest episode of the 3DEXPERIENCE Lab’s “IFWE Impact” series asks the question, “Can we change the future of neuroscience?” and features conversations with two entrepreneurs from India who are trying to do just that.

Inali is a startup developing deep learning prosthetics controlled by brain impulses. Brainsight.AI is working on neuroimaging solutions in 3D for earlier detection of mental disorders. Both companies are supported by the 3DEXPERIENCE Lab in India.

Innovating for affordability

Inali makes high-quality hand prosthetics in a cost-effective way. Founder and CEO Prashant Gade was motivated to launch Inali because he believes too many people in India are unable to afford the prosthetic solutions they need.

According to Gade, about 500,000 people lose limbs every year in India, but 85% live without solutions because of the high cost of importing prosthetic arms from the United States or Europe. Inali is able to decrease cost by 3D printing models and using the 3DEXPERIENCE platform to go through all phases of design without having to do expensive prototyping.

“It’s a blessing for us,” said Gade. “We were able to do limited things with the resources available. Now, instead of going and actually manufacturing, we’re now able to see how our products look inside the software and we are able to reduce our time of the manufacturing, production and prototyping. It’s a big advantage, because it’s not only reducing time it’s actually helping us save a lot of funds that we can spend on R&D.”

Inali has begun producing a version of their prosthetic that is available to the public. It’s the first motorized bionic arm available to children in India, Gade said. Their next goal is to come up with problem-specific solutions.

Earlier diagnosis of psychiatric disorders

Brainsight.AI is developing a neuroinformatics platform that leverages a new way of looking at the brain to identify functional patterns and flag early signs of dementia and psychiatric disorders. Instead of viewing the brain and brain activity as reflexive, but Brainsight.AI is looking at it intrinsically, according to co-founder and CEO Liana Emmanuel.

“Most of the work that your brain does is without any outside stimuli,” said Emmanuel. “So what is happening in the brain is very important to identify early signs of dementia. But how do you get to this internal architecture of the brain? That is what we are building.”

It’s complex work. With 86 million neurons with connections in all directions, the data pipelines are difficult to say the least. Working with the 3DEXPERIENCE Lab has helped Brainsight.AI do incredibly complicated things fairly easily, so the team can focus on important questions about helping people.

“Imagine that you had to analyze 86 million cars together to figure out one pattern and then being able to say this pattern matches to X, Y, Z,” explains Emmanuel. “That’s the kind of complexity we are working with. With the kind of tech we have, we hope it will lead to a new understanding of the brain and new medicines that will help millions who are suffering from mental disorders around the world.

As of the filming of the latest IFWE Impact episode, Brainsight.AI was working with a hospital in India looking at early signs of dementia and was also in conversations with other hospitals about utilizing their technology.

The #IFWE Impact Live series on LinkedIn is hosted by 3DEXPERIENCE Lab Head of Innovation Frederic Vacher and French Journalist Marion Moreau. Originally launched in 2021, the series features immersive conversations with entrepreneurs and innovators who are working to change the world.

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