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Tune in to ‘The Late Shift,’ a can’t miss Manufacturing event

Does your average workday range from full to overflowing? Are you struggling…
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Does your average workday range from full to overflowing? Are you struggling to learn from manufacturing industry leaders outside of your company? Well, you’re not alone. And we’re putting on an event just for leaders like you.

Manufacturing in the Age of Experience 2021, “The Late Shift,” on Dec. 9, is a can’t miss virtual event for manufacturing executives brought to you by Dassault Systèmes. Borrowing inspiration from the most popular late night TV shows, “The Late Shift” will feature manufacturing high-performers and thought leaders discussing the industry’s pressing challenges of today and diving into the big picture issues keeping them up at night.

Covering topics ranging from COVID-19 and climate change to corporate citizenship and the workforce of the future, “The Late Shift” promises to be an exciting, entertaining and valuable hour, broadcast at 9 p.m., wherever you are in the world.

Our jam-packed lineup features interviews from our studio set, conversations from multiple countries, audience interaction and playful challenges. Occurring outside of the normal workday, we’re bringing you the best of current thinking in the manufacturing space at a time that suits your busy schedule.

Here’s a snapshot of the night’s agenda:

  • Picture Your Story: Talking us through a series of pictures, Jose Vicente de lost Mozos, EVP Manufacturing & SCM for Renault Group, discusses the role of virtual twins in his company’s fast-moving technology revolution and how they’re helping deliver the next generation of class-leading cars.
  • The Night Ride: Don Morrison from Hexcel joins us live from the back of a car ferrying him between meetings, as he outlines how technology is helping his cutting-edge manufacturing business retain – and maximize the value – of his most experienced employees.
  • Truth and Dare: Trusted by governments and corporations to help visualize the future, Mark Stevenson reveals the real truth behind today’s sustainability headlines and outlines the challenges manufacturing leaders should be taking the lead on.
  • Virtual is Real:Three of Dassault Systèmes’ brand CEOs explain how a Virtual Twin Experience helps manufacturing leaders deliver more effectively, then accept the challenge of proving it in an exciting game against the clock.
  • What Keeps You Up: Koji Tomita of SANY Corporation connects live from China to underline the role that technology has played in designing, building and outfitting their brand new, transformative assembly facility that will underpin their push to become the world’s leading provider of heavy machinery.
  • Dear Future Leader: Bernard Charles, Vice Chairman & CEO of Dassault Systèmes, pens letters to business leaders of the future, revealing how we are trying to resolve today’s issues, so that our shared manufacturing legacy will be one that benefits our future world.

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The manufacturing industry is facing many challenges, from COVID-19 and climate change to changing customer demands and disruptive technologies. But these aren’t just the challenges of the day – they’re elements of a paradigm shift that’s changing the business world.

We’re staring at an opportunity for industry renaissance toward sustainable innovation. We’re looking at a new day in which platformization enables unprecedented agility through a build-anywhere approach and easy transfer of knowledge and know-how. We have an opportunity to reconfigure factories, eliminate waste, and transform supply chains into value networks. Join us on this journey.

Manufacturing in the Age of Experience is a yearly gathering of global manufacturing thought leaders and decision-makers exploring the promise of sustainable operations and how 3DEXPERIENCE can change the business equation. Learn more and save your spot today. 

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