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The Leadership Voice of Dassault Systèmes India – Reflecting on International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day is a reason for celebration as women are special…
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International Women’s Day is a reason for celebration as women are special and they bring a lot of value, innovation and contributes hugely to the culture of the company. Dassault Systèmes India would like to congratulate, admire its female workforce for the contributions that they have made for the success of the company. When we look at roles, skills, and capabilities, we acknowledge that the gender gap is reducing and we appreciate the relentless focus, efforts that represent the women workforce of our company. Today we have women in the boardroom, taking new roles, learning new things and inspiring others.

We look at how four business leaders of the company- Anindita Ranjan HR leader, Archana Sinha, Marketing leader, Renuka Srinivasan, SIMULIA leader and Supriti, leader License Compliance share their perspective on balancing work-life, on motivating themselves and in inspiring others:

Anindita speaks-

“Women brings in diversity and diversity brings in many advantages to our life, society, and organization. It is said ‘With Great Power comes Great Responsibility’. Women are blessed with the power to perform, hence they are trusted with more responsibilities. Responsibility to bring in Culture, Stability, Values, and Innovation. It is not easy to manage the multiple expectations that women deliver so seamlessly, each time, every time. International Women’s Day is a reason to celebrate being women and being special!”

“My family and my manager have always provided their relentless support in helping me balance work and life and run the extra mile building, developing and guiding the workforce of the future. As an HR professional what motivates me the most is the ability to partner with business in their journey of transformation and helping create a high performing culture, which is gender agnostic. As the HR leader, I strive to inculcate an inspiring environment, by helping people find their desired career path and the direction to reach there, it’s an ongoing journey.”

She concluded, “I would like to thank everyone in the organization for the contributions that you have made for the success of the company.”

Archana speaks-

“The theme for this year International Women’s Day was #PressforProgress and its a day to look back, celebrate and then move on to doing more. This day is about celebrating and focusing on equality and empowerment, two things which I believe are the most important in order to move ahead and for the progress of women.” Being the lead for marketing in the Geo and the mother of two balancing work and life becomes critical. She believes, “There is never an ideal work-life balance because the balance shifts depending on our place in life. The key to being successful as a professional is about getting a good education, a defined financial plan and not being guilty of having a career. Women are often told they can’t have it all. I believe they can and the sense of self-worth and accomplishment one earns from being a career woman ultimately makes one a better and more inspiring mother. As my life changed, my priorities have shifted, so it’s really about reprioritizing and changing my focus.”

Leading a diversified team, keeping self-motivated as well as inspiring others becomes critical. “To me motivation is intrinsic and my motivation has always been linked to being passionate about what I do. I have always believed in going beyond and push the boundaries. I found new challenges, new things to expand the scope of what I did and evolve. I have found in all my working years that operating outside my comfort zone is what makes a person successful.” “I hope to inspire- leading by example. I demonstrate what I believe in, walk the talk and be transparent. I’ve always believed in open honest communication and in humility and so I have never been shy of learning. The lessons can be taught by very senior and very junior people. I have always been inspired by seeing other people’s success stories so I hope one day my story is inspirational to someone as well.”

She concluded, “As my life changed, my priorities have shifted, so it’s really about reprioritizing and changing my focus. With the support of my husband and family and also my wonderful managers, I have been able to balance this well.”

Renuka speaks-

“International Women’s Day is a day to remember how far we have come and to remember some of the women and men who have helped to shape that change. It’s also a day to reflect on how much more needs to be done  – not just for women, but even for other minority groups – and what we can do about it.”

Renuka prefers “managing” work-life to balancing (which seems to imply some optimal fixed ratio). “I accept that some days may require me to focus more of my time and energy into one of these (say, work), while on other days, it may be different. You can only try to plan for peak durations, and try to leverage technology and extended family to help you manage during those times.”

Success stories from clients and how they have applied Dassault Systèmes technology is something that motivates her immensely. “The impact that our customers have made gaining a better understanding of the physical world by leveraging virtual simulations and using that to create better and safer products is always inspiring. Simulation – whether it’s seeing toothpaste coming out of tube or seeing how the human heart beats – is always fascinating.” Renuka prefers to be fair and transparent, both internally and externally and hopes to inspire the team to follow the same values in their interactions.

Supriti speaks-

“In my perspective International Women’s Day is about recognizing the achievements of women in all areas-social, professional, economic, political, personal etc. It is to celebrate the womanhood-a miraculous characteristic!!!!” “Balancing work life is not so difficult and not so easy as well. I think I have reached a stage wherein I can say that I have the know-how to manage things at home & at work with minimal impact.” “You need to be efficient too” she concludes with a smile.  “I get motivated with my passion & achievements. Of course, seeing others confidence in me boosts it further.” “I encourage people to bring out their best – unleash their potential and ask them not to wait for things instead of make them happen. You can do it!!”

Happy reading, be motivated, be inspired!

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