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Reaching for the Sky and Beyond: Insights on Aerospace & Defense, from 3DEXPERIENCE FORUM, Bengaluru

Improvements in infrastructure and governmental support giving India’s Aerospace & Defense (A&D)…
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Improvements in infrastructure and governmental support giving India’s Aerospace & Defense (A&D) sector a boost. The country’s A&D market is expected to reach USD 70 billion by 2030. But are enterprises ready to leverage this opportunity? 3DEXPERIENCE Forum 2019, Bengaluru, brings insights and ideas for sustainable innovation in the A&D sector, overcoming traditional challenges and embracing the ongoing Industrial Renaissance.

We started Forum 2019 with detailed plenary sessions covering a breadth of interest areas, as well as the 3DEXPERIENCE Startup Pitch and Experience Playgrounds. Right after, the action shifted to three separate tracks where industry-leading thinkers shared their perspectives on cutting-edge trends, techniques, and tech-movements.

The first session discussed a key theme —  “Propelling Indian Aerospace & Defense Sector Through Industry Renaissance”. Panelists for the session included PG Jayan, AGM, HAL, Captn. V. GANAPATHY, Superintendent (Engineering), Cochin Shipyard, Dr. Byji Varughese, Principal Scientist, NAL, and R Subodh, COO, Maini Aerospace, with Patrick Fardeau Aerospace & Defense Vice President, Global Sales and Market Development, Dassault Systèmes taking on the role of the moderator.

The panelists detailed how in a complex system environment, what mattered was the ability to “see the big picture — almost the system of the systems” in order to better integrate multiple elements and levers. R. Subodh also spoke about how in a climate of Make in India, the country’s A&D sector offered limitless possibilities: “We’ve got a phenomenal opportunity now — there’s a lot of innate talent in manufacturing in this country that’s yet to be tapped, I can see lots of foreign majors continuing to come in.”

The next session had Srinivasan Chokkalingam, Sr. Manager – IT Product Systems, BOEING speaking about the “2 CES at Boeing”, encapsulating digital transformation in his company. “2CES or 2nd Century Enterprise Systems helps with faster decision-making, cost management, and better productivity,” he outlined.

The third session deep-dived into drone technology, with Henry Devanandham, System Engg. Consultant, General Aeronautics and Kiran Jacob, Technical Specialist, Dassault Systèmes expressing their thoughts on Model-Based Systems Engineering Approach for Drones.

Both spoke about how this space has witnessed landmark growth, with a clear focus on model building, and what Henry coined to be a “digital tapestry”. Together, they expressed their interest in further expanding their partnership, geared to build next-gen drone solutions.

The penultimate discussion was centered on simulation — Advanced Simulation and its ability to address “composites-based challenges” — with Rajesh Kumar, Senior Scientist, Gas Turbine Research Establishment, and Bhavesh Kumar, Director, SIMULA, Dassault Systèmes taking the dias. “With 3DEXPERIENCE, we can combine multi-scale and multi-physical aspects, for sharper analysis”, they added.

Finally, Chinmaya Hardas, Brand Leader ENOVIA India, Dassault Systèmes elaborated on Collaborative Project Management for Defense Infrastructure Development. Hardas took the audience quickly through the intricacies of any infrastructure project, powered by several tools, like analytics and 3D modeling. “Key aspects include tactics like a  Schedule of Rate, Bill of Quantity, E- measurements, and the like,” he added. “In Construction, Transmittals are key; and our dashboards are very strong which can tag risks or issues, upfront, managing timelines.”

This was a highly enlightening series on this critical sector — we look forward to more, in Delhi, on Thursday (September 12, 2019) at the 3DEXPERIENCE Forum, 2019.

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