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In sync and agile: a model-based solution for software product lifecycle management.

From scales that measure weight and track fitness goals, to self-driving cars…
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From scales that measure weight and track fitness goals, to self-driving cars and intelligent aerospace components, the demand for smart products is continually expanding. Satisfying these demands places relentless pressure on product developers to create more and better software, accelerate development cycles, and assure the compatibility of software and hardware components evolving at different rates, by different teams – all while maintaining quality.

The question is how do you become more agile, while maintaining control of the product you design and experiences you offer? The solution is a model-based platform for software-driven innovation – one that takes data and teams out of the silos and gives them the collaborative power to work completely in sync.

Dassault Systemes delivers an innovative open and powerful model-based systems engineering development platform that integrates all engineering disciplines through the definition of multiple system views in a continuous engineering environment. It can be adapted to your specific systems engineering methodologies. It creates an environment that can manage and analyze large amounts of data and enable the translation of this data into innovative systems designs through collaboration with partners and suppliers. This open platform  accelerates the development and validation of systems through rich 3D experiences which transform the way organizations define, model and simulate & validate complex automotive systems.

The 3DEXPERIENCE provides a platform for software-driven innovation. It enables software teams to work in a rapid, nimble manner, using best-in-class development tools, whether commercial, open source or home grown. Engineers can work simultaneously to control the work, monitor progress, trace intellectual property and guarantee quality. To provide both flexibility and control, the environment can support traditional waterfall methodologies as well as agile and modular approaches for all types of multi-discipline, complex products.

The ultimate advantage of the 3DEXPERIENCE platform is risk reduction through simulation. The full virtual experience of the product, with its embedded and application software, can be simulated and tested before the product and experience is delivered to the end user.

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For an in-depth look at how you can transform product development from a file-based, static designed, siloed process to one that is data driven, model-based and digitally connected, request the white paper: Then begin your journey to a synchronized process that can rapidly deliver the smart products and experiences your customers demand, and the bottom line results your organization requires.

Watch the video and see the power of the 3DEXPERIENCE in action!

What is 3DEXPERIENCE Platform User Experience? Watch the film.

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