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Improving accessibility and mobility with 3DEXPERIENCE

In recent decades, there have been important strides to improve accessibility and…
Avatar Alyssa Ross

In recent decades, there have been important strides to improve accessibility and mobility for those with physical impairments.  This is good news for 75 million people worldwide who need a wheelchair.  But the traditional wheelchair uses old technology, and even with better access to public and private spaces, people who rely on help with their mobility still face major challenges.

Innovative companies are tackling this issue, finding ways to harness gyropodic and robotic technologies into better solutions for universal and inclusive mobility.

Gyrolift is a pioneering mobility solution with a verticalized, stabilized seating modular system.  It allows people to move both while sitting and standing, featuring automatic stabilization, an innovative security system and intuitive control to increase comfort.  Unique to Gyrolift is a compact and maneuverable design that does not require major adaptation or stigmatizing solution such as adapted workstations, widening of doors, etc.

While it is most obviously to be used for those currently in wheelchairs, there are also reasons any user may benefit from the technology.

To help them meet their goal to enhance the autonomy and employability of people with reduced mobility, Gyrolift applied to join the 3DEXPERIENCE Lab program.  Being in the program gives the startup access to the 3DEXPERIENCE platform on the cloud, helping them to grow faster and imagine new possibilities, as well as to gather and analyze data from the device to develop smart mobility features. Dassault Systèmes mentors guide them along the way, also helping them to employ solutions including CATIA Modeling, Systems Engineering, DYMOLA Systems Engineering and SIMULIA Structural Analysis to imagine new features.

Just last week, Gyrolift shared their story on the main stage at our Design in the Age of Experience event in Milan.  Attendees were also able to see their product in our 3DEXPERIENCE Playground.

Read more about Gyrolift’s vision for making it easier for people with reduced mobility to move around and contribute to society.

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