Company NewsMay 20, 2021

Disrupting sailing by building boats differently

A French startup is making waves in pursuit of a goal to…
Avatar Patrick Ball

A French startup is making waves in pursuit of a goal to make sailing more inclusive by making it more like playing a video game. the 3DEXPERIENCE Lab back in 2017, the company described sailing as more than just a sport – it’s a state of mind that allows connection to the natural environment, promotes well-being and supports personal development. Except sailing is not always the most inclusive activity. With its inherent physical and financial demands, enjoying sailing can be a challenge for the young and the old, the anxious, the differently abled, and those of modest means.

“If we change the way we sail,” the team asked, “can we create a more inclusive world?”

, Splashelec has been able to design, simulate and assemble using 3D-printed pieces; optimize the design and secure critical user scenarios; collect data with captors and remote control; and share back the parameters of its boat trips.

Now, four years later, the designs are progressing and Splashelec is sailing closer to its goal of helping people of all ages and abilities smell the sea, feel the sky and enjoy being out on the water as a captain.

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