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Destination Digitalization: PLM takes travel company TUI Nordic in new directions

Product Lifecycle Management is a process usually associated with manufacturing operations. Can…
Avatar Patrycja Ekner

Product Lifecycle Management is a process usually associated with manufacturing operations. Can it be transferred to the consumer services business? Travel operator TUI Nordic proves it can!

If you’ve ever planned your own dream vacation, you’re familiar with the myriad of details that go into it. Destinations, air, sea and ground transportation, schedules, accommodations, dining preferences, amenity, recreational choices, seasonal issues, and a multitude of other factors need to be decided and reserved. Imagine doing that for literally thousands of people, with constantly changing variables, and you get a picture of how complex the process can be for a travel company.

For TUI Nordic, the complexity was becoming even greater, as customers increasingly demanded more personalized tour options. To respond, TUI’s challenge wasn’t in people and places – it was in accessing, managing and manipulating huge data sets stored in disconnected systems and spreadsheets. Creating a custom trip for a specific customer group was a slow, disjointed and problematic process.

Today, a digitalized PLM process has changed everything, providing TUI with a more agile business process and increasing business value. Customized and implemented by TechniaTranscat and built on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform from Dassault Systèmes, the process has centralized all travel and tour information and data.

Known within TUI as the Travel Product Generator (TPG) the name conjures up an image of a futuristic, push-button, instant vacation machine. While it’s not that exactly, it’s close. Information can be accessed quickly, teams can easily collaborate and be more creative, and tailored tours can be introduced to the market in response to current customer demands. The company’s previous printed catalogues, published twice a year, have now been replaced by 19 offerings available online.

Most importantly, the TPG is helping TUI fulfill its goal of “making holiday dreams come true.” As the PLM process continues to advance, it has the potential take TUI and its customers to exciting new destinations and a world of personalized travel opportunities.

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