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Design for life: Spotlight on Nassia Inglessis

Designer Nassia Inglessis with her installation at London Design Biennale 2018 (©…
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Designer Nassia Inglessis with her installation at London Design Biennale 2018 (© JNVisuals)

Design for life and Dassault Systèmes’ Design Studio

Nassia is featured in Design for life, a collaboration between Dezeen and Dassault Systèmes. The in-house Design Studio founded by Anne Asensio at Dassault Systèmes develops close relationships with designers, creators and innovators from across the design community who explore and experiment using unique materials and digital design tools.

The Greek artist, engineer and designer runs her experimental design practice between London and Athens. She is known for coupling rigorous design and scientific research with immersive public engagement projects. Her intricate architectural installations inspire an enhanced human experience with urban architecture.

“Architecture should create possibilities for interaction,” says Nassia Inglessis, founder of Studio INI and winner of the Dezeen Awards 2020 public vote for designer of the year.

Bringing the human into design and material

Studio INI’s process combines complex engineering with design tools, research and experimenting hands-on with individual materials. By putting the human into a design to cause interactions, Studio INI hopes to redefine how we design and build our physical environment and make it part of the natural ecosystem instead of being in conflict with it.

“Rapid prototyping and digital fabrication allow us to very quickly go from the digital to the physical, and also allow us the precision to try really complex designs,” said Inglessis.

Watch an interview with Nassia Inglessis as she describes her design approaches and presents some of her inspiring projects.

Other architects and designers using technology and research who are profiled as part of the Design for Life collaboration series include DS Automobiles design director Thierry Metroz, Mamou-Mani Architects founder Arthur Mamou-Mani, Julia Koerner, founder of JK Design and Exploration Architecture founder Michael Pawlyn.

You can watch the complete series of designer interviews on the Design for Life portal.

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