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Dassault Systèmes at Aero India, Bengaluru: Glimpses from Day 1

Held every two years since 1996, the Aero India exhibition brings together…
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Held every two years since 1996, the Aero India exhibition brings together India’s largest Aerospace organizations for a series of enlightening and meaningful sessions. It’s envisioned as an exciting forum for startups, business leaders, and government agencies to explore the future of the Aerospace industry. The 2019 chapter has just commenced and is expected to draw over 60,000 business visitors and 1,00,000 general guests as per 2017’s numbers.

The Dassault Systèmes Booth at Aero India 2019

We are delighted to be part of Aero India 2019, bringing insights from over three decades of experience in this segment. Dassault Systèmes is at booth number AB2.19I, sharing our views on how to accelerate innovation, improve design and reduce cost, boost productions speeds, and unlock new business opportunities. These, in fact, are our four focus areas as we look to support the ongoing transformation in India’s Aerospace segment.

Across the last decade, the country has witnessed a significant economic upswing and the opening of manufacturing to private stakeholders. These, among other factors, have proved to be a massive catalyst for new movements. At the event, we are discussing the current ‘Industry Renaissance’, using digital technologies to actualize current potential. All of these ideas are encapsulated in our 3DEXPERIENCE platform, helping Aerospace manufacturers achieve digital continuity and thereby locate possible areas of process optimization.

The Rolls Royce team considers the impacts of additive manufacturing process simulations

The first day of Aero India showcased the 3DEXPERIENCE platform via engaging and interactive virtual reality sessions. Sanjeev Kumar, Head of Marketing at P3, visited our booth and had an enriching conversation with Ganesh Prasad, Solution Consultant, Dassault Systèmes. Mr. Prasad demonstrated the virtual validation of aircraft flow simulation through VR devices.

Left: Sanjeev Kumar, Head of Marketing at P3 with Ganesh Prasad from Dassault Systèmes | Right: Mr. Narayana Rao and Mr. CVH Prasad of Defence Electronics Research Establishment, Hyderabad, deep-diving into computational flow dynamics and additive manufacturing

VR-based simulations are an excellent way for manufacturers to visualize components design and process flows, arriving at best-fit concepts in Aerospace. Mr. Ramesh Chandra and Arjun Kumar from HAL also dropped by our booth, testing our 3DEXPERIENCE platform hands-on. “Brand new experience and an excellent tool for designers”, commented Mr. Huliraj, Chief Designer at HAL MCSRDC (Mission & Combat system R&D Center), seeing our products in action.

Excellent discussions on additive manufacturing, composites, and advanced manufacturing,” said Mr. Nagarajan R, head of department HAL RWRDC (Rotary Wing Research & Design Centre) (pictured in the middle)

In addition to improving production efficiency and speeds, reimagining passenger experiences was also a primary theme for Day 1. Changing passenger expectations have always put significant pressure on Aerospace manufacturers as they try and deliver differentiated experiences without adding to production costs. At the Dassault Systèmes’ booth AB2.19I, we outlined how technology could help change how passengers fly and perceive the aero segment as a whole.

Dassault Systèmes presents the ‘new passenger experience’ to visitors

In order to balance quality of experience with cost & speed targets, manufacturers need specialized tools that could optimize every production milestone from concept to flight. We demoed the 3DEXPERIENCE platform and its associated applications like SIMULIA, at our booth in Aero India 2019.

Team Cyient after a session on SIMULIA products

Of course, technology advancements must be accompanied by adequate upskilling and change management initiatives. Not only will this help make our vision for a digital manufacturing future in Aerospace a reality, but will also ensure employees are actually equipped to maximize the new tools.

L to R: Anant SADARDOSHI, Solution consultant, CATIA, Dassault Systèmes and Patrick FARDEAU, VP Global Sales and Market Development, A&D Industry at Dassault Systèmes, exchange perspectives on skill development with Anurag Sharma, Head of Business Development at P3 Voith

A key highlight for us on the first day of the event was the arrival of Alexander Zigler, French Ambassador to India, with whom we discussed our approach to innovation and digitalization in this sector.

Alexandre Ziegler, French Ambassador, at the Dassault Systèmes booth

Also, the VR Center set up by DRDO to showcase indigenous aircraft technology, was powered by the 3DEXPERIENCE platform. The DRDO team credited Dassault Systèmes for being their technology partner, recognizing our commitment to providing customers and their end-customers with delightful experiences.

Dassault Systèmes played a pivotal role in the VR Center by DRDO

We look forward to many more such dialogues and discussions, between the 20th and the 24th of February, 2019.

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