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Creating, Cheering and Celebrating a Winning Team in Goa

Over 175 employees spread across 6 offices in the country and one…
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Over 175 employees spread across 6 offices in the country and one destination- Goa; there was a lot of enthusiasm for the much awaited Dassault Systèmes India offsite of 2018. ‘Create a winning team’ over the years have evolved to be a destination for engaging, knowing each other, team building, listening to the leadership team and inspiring for business growth in the year ahead. However, it is equally challenging for the organizers to manage the logistics but also keep the event exciting, exploring new activities every year.

Taj Fort Aguada and Taj Holiday Village proved to be the perfect destinations for Create a Winning Team 2018. The picturesque landscape, the spacious cottages decorated in tropical luxury replicating old Goan charm. Our colleagues checked-in from different locations on Day I and the evening opened with performances from each office in ‘Dassault Systèmes Got Talent’. A concoction of song and dance, dramatics, dialogues, performances etc., it was an evening full of fun, laughter and humor as the teams provided a demo of how provides a one-stop solution; a very B2B aspect captured well with Bollywood spoofs, song, dance, and dialogue well-orchestrated by the leadership team.

Day II the participants assembled on the hilltop and split into random groups for team building exercises. In about an hour the teams had to draw, design, plan and build three roller coasters of bamboo canes structure taped and weaved to make five basketballs rollover from point A to B and creating a stimuli for the other to roll from point C to D. True engineers by design the participants amazed the trainers by creating three different styled roller coasters all meeting success with the trigger for the next ball to roll over the coaster.

Post lunch activities and adrenalin rush in water sports had some tired legs by sundown but an engaging performance by the local band- Forefront with popular English, Hindi, Goanese and Konkani numbers found them hit the dance floor with renewed enthusiasm. The spirit of our employees is something that provides us great motivation as HR leads. With a very tiring Day II, they were up at 9.30 am fresh and ready for the town hall. It gives us great confidence in employees as we continue to achieve double-digit growth every quarter and Samson paved the way for the company strategy for 2018-2021.

“We are on a transformation journey and one of the most important ingredients for this is to have ONE TEAM aligned to a common GOAL. The turnout was great and the camaraderie demonstrated by the employees was impeccable. The activities helps in instilling trust and understanding within the team members. After completing these activities, employees understand each better and learn to work in synergy as a team irrespective of locations, channels, functions to achieve and build something incredible”.

We look forward to a great year ahead and celebrate success with zeal and enthusiasm next year.

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