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Achieve Greater Resilience with Integrated Logistics

Today’s global value chains face disruptions on an unprecedented scale — from…
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Today’s global value chains face disruptions on an unprecedented scale — from reduced workforces, tighter health and safety protocols, to severely restricted movement of goods. Given the sector’s complex, interconnected services and market volatility, logistics firms are under more pressure than ever to adapt to the new landscape, increase competitive advantage and for smaller firms, even to survive.

What if you could merge the real and virtual worlds into a digital value network to more effectively ramp up efficiencies, maintain profitability and keep your employees safe? By pairing simulation capabilities of the virtual twin with end-to-end digitalization, you can drive business outcomes in an even more powerful way, creating a virtual model of your entire logistics operations.  You can accumulate data to reflect the state and behavior of your operations as they respond to real world disruptions.  You can visualize, optimize and make accurate predictions, providing the confidence to solve the most complex business challenges and unlock sources of value.

Dassault Systèmes, the 3DEXPERIENCE Company helps you achieve resilient, integrated logistics. It equips your network with a host of digital capabilities that provides the insights needed to drive smart decision-making throughout your organization, optimize planning across time horizons and overcome disruptions with speed, agility and accuracy.

When combined with our 3DEXPERIENCE twins, you can design, simulate and optimize operations and the planning process right across the supply chain.  This enables you to realize cost efficiencies, improve end-to-end service quality through leaner operations, better collaborate and achieve more effective capacity management.  In turn, this enables you to deliver superior customer service, increase sustainability and maintain profitability.

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