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8 Reasons to Move to the Cloud

According to Gartner, Inc., the public cloud services market was projected to grow…
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According to Gartner, Inc., the public cloud services market was projected to grow 18.5% in 2017 to total $260.2 billion, up from $219.6 billion in 2016.  Such growth makes it clear that platforms developed by technology giants Amazon Web Services, Microsoft, Google and IBM are fast becoming a popular platform for hosting servers, facilitating collaboration and much more.

In our latest issue of Compass, we explore The Cloud Imperative in the Age of Experience. One of the articles shared the top benefits convincing companies that it’s a smart move to embrace solutions on the cloud.

We’re listing those reasons here, but invite you to check out the article for more details!

  1. Agnostic – public cloud architectures work well with most standard operating systems
  2. Applications and updates – cloud providers manage all hardware and software updates
  3. Collaboration – cloud technologies power instant communication via secure tools
  4. Cost management – convert capital expenditures into operating expenses
  5. Mobility – deliver rich services to all users, regardless of device or operating system
  6. Scalability – rent capacity according to actual demand and deploy it almost immediately
  7. Security – get a higher level of protection than on-premise
  8. Simplicity – leverage well-established standards and best practices that make it easier to store and deliver critical business resources and data to end users

Learn more about the Cloud Business in the Age of Experience.

Need more proof points about the value of being on the cloud?  Find inspiration by learning about some of our customers who have adopted cloud-based solutions.  Watch below, and click here if you’d like to see more video like these.

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