Company NewsDecember 20, 2021

40 3DS talents celebrate 40 years of 3DS

To kick off our 40 year anniversary celebration, Dassault Systemes hosted The Great Show featuring talented employees from around the world.
Avatar Alyssa Ross

2021 marks the 40th anniversary of Dassault Systèmes’ founding. In the coming months, we will share a series of posts that look back at 3DS’s history, and how all of those experiences have prepared us for a very promising future of harmonizing product, nature and life.

To kick off the celebration of our major milestone, last week we hosted what we called The Great Show. In addition to being talented in their professional lives, we have many employees with artistic skills. We put a call out to our 20,000 people worldwide to ask them to share their passions. After an audition process 40 folks were selected to participate.

Held at the Zenith Paris – La Villette and live streamed to employees everywhere, last Wednesday all of 3DS was treated to our colleagues singing, dancing, playing musical instruments and performing magic for 90 minutes. It was great fun to hear people perform familiar songs ranging from Ave Maria to Ed Sheeran, from Dua Lipa to Depeche Mode. One of my particular favorites was a Vegas-style revue…followed closely by traditional dancers from India and an mesmerizing drummer from Japan. Many of the participants learned elaborate choreography for multiple routines. And the elaborate costuming brought it all together!

Additionally, in recent months, all employees learned the same dance and recorded themselves performing it in groups or solo. The production crew knit together dozens of videos to create a virtual flash mob to the song Happy by C2C. Not only was it fun to see everyone tackle the routine, it was interesting to see the backdrops where they were dancing: Seoul, Vancouver, Barcelona…to name just a few. And, since it’s 2021: from homes around the globe!

We are so proud of the inspiring individuals who shared their talents! Watch the Best of Video and enjoy pictures of some of the performers doing what they love.

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