CloudFebruary 7, 2018

Webinar – The Freedom to Design, Build and Deploy Products from Anywhere Using the Cloud

The power of the cloud has created new ways for companies to…
Avatar Greg Sabey

The power of the cloud has created new ways for companies to do business by enabling seamless collaboration, reducing infrastructure costs and endless scalability.

On Thursday, February 15, 2018 at 11:00 AM EST a live webinar will discuss how to leverage 3D design, virtual modeling, engineering and product development on a ready-to-go cloud-based infrastructure to securely and cost effectively to drive your business.

During the webinar you’ll hear about customers who are using the 3DEXPERIENCE platform on the cloud to drive innovation and leadership in their industries.

Elsa Hoche, Cloud WW Sr. Business Development Consultant, Dassault Systemes will show how to gain immediate access to the largest portfolio of applications, to:

–       Innovate faster than your competition

–       Collaborate seamlessly across teams

–       Encourage innovation and experimentation

–       Reduce IT costs, and ultimately,

–       Transform or Create your business with the flexibility, ubiquity and speed of the cloud

Register now to attend the webinar on Thursday, February 15 at 11:00.  For more information and to see how one customer is disrupting their industry and building a business with the cloud, read this case study on CADMakers.

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